wintertime e-card

Afterwork project.
Blender 2.37a, Yafray 0.0.8-2, hard post-pro with Gimp.


Very simple looking but extremely pleasing to the eye and seems photorealistic in my opinion. Very well done.

Very nice ice material.

Yeah, a really good material, and a very nice effect generally. Would you mind posting the material settings?

nice picture, i like the ice material!!

:o :o NICE :o :o

Very realistic. Are you going to have some text on the right side? Because it looks very empty at the moment.

Would you mind posting your material settings and maybe some wires?

Right now I have no time for making complex “poster” with settings used to make this picture, but try describe all in depeche mode.

Material - slightly modified Yafray clear gass material (IOR=1.3; Spec+1.48; Hard+0.72); UV mapped ice/grunge texture mapped to Nor (check attachment) found at cgtalk ages ago - there’s nice thread about ice.

Lightning - two a bit colored hemi lamps (check attachment - L1 light blue, L2 light orange - reflections) and one wide angle spot (SpotSi=70; SpotBi=1) with halo (Samples=3, Sofy=3). Used MHsss to catch some of the light into the snowflake.

World - one of Evermotion free grayscale HDRI map…

Render - Yafray full GI, low quality, 100000 photons, Depth=10, Radius=2, MixCount=500, Emit and GI Pwr=1.25)

All rendered once, multipyed (??? is it good spell??), layered and blured by hand in Gimp.

About composition - I don’t want any text onthe right side, because it would complicate clear composition imho. “Less is more!” :smiley:



This is looking very good,

there seems to be a recent trend in some very good pieces being posted here on elysiun recently

just purdy! =D really like the overall look and feel of the card, congrats!

Excellent work. It’s simple, yet so realistic and well implemented. God, I wish it would snow here.

That’s very nice work - looks puristic at first glance but has interesting details to draw the viewer’s attention.

Rocketman, does it ever snow in NC?

Well, I live in the mountains in NC, so snow is not uncommon, but this year the weather is quite frustrating.
I suspect global warming.

Cool! another Ashevillian Blenderhead!

Ashevillian??? :o

BTW finally I found mentioned above topic about ice shader. Really worth to see: