winXP no textboxes

Recently installed 2.49 on a windows xp, and when i do something that involves a textbox(naming, creating sphere or cylinder,…), i don’t get a change in the textbox that indicates that I can change it, although I can., also, if I go in the menus, those that don’t have an extra level of menu like “cube” don’t go gray when i hover over them. Could someone plz explain this and/or tell me how to fix this.
many thanks

That sounds like a video card problem, do you have an ATI?
Try making sure you have the latest drivers for your video card.

When you say hover over are you clicking inside the box to make the change?

no, when I hover, it is menus to add cube/sphere/…, videodrivers are up to date, worked untill I installed XP, it worked on vista…