WIP - 1 square kilometre of cityscape

At long last here’s my first work in progress.


I’ve been hooked on cityscapes ever since I was little (1980s), so naturally having a tool like Blender at my disposal in late 2006 was pretty much a dream come true, more so as I’m apparenty starting to make the leap from “only learning” to being creative now (That took a while!).

The cityscape is fairly big and some of the pics show how much is still to be done. It’s about 1km by 1km big and is roughly divided into a downtown part, an upscale neighbourhood, an inner city kind of dense tenement district and a beach/red light district.

As the project will be moving on, I’ll keep trying for a Miami/Carrieban vibe. Let’s see far my RAM and most of all my patience will take me. It wouldn’t be the first city to go stale and die, but I’ve never been further along before.

The city is mostly designed as a walkthrough/flythrough thingie and for cityscape renders, though, RAM permitting, I can see myself adding more detailed buildings later on. But let’s not forget it’s almost a square mile we’re talking about and I’m in it for large scales. I’ve already sucessfully managed to append an FPS walker to it. One of these days I want to add a few elevators to the high rises and possibly some kind of aircraft.

No, I did not do the cars, they were done by a blenderist whose name I forget just now (Lamborghini Race Game thread.)

Marco :slight_smile: