WIP - 2 legs rig, anim

Just trying re-oil the old blender cogs after a few months of nothing, looking for some feedback on my blocking/timing.

Rig is from TheSudahlah on the Cgtalk forum, I believe.

check out:

Hopefully it’ll work.

very nice.
nothing really to crit at this point. blocking looks good.

is this part of a longer animation?


I like it, good work.
Compared to the action in Assassin’s Creed it looks a bit slow motion though. Depends on what style of locomotion you want, I guess.

/ Mats

Thanks guys. The Idea is not part of a longer animation, just messing about really.
The idea I had was that he was just starting out as an assassin so wouldn’t be as fast or as polished as he could be, that’s why he’s not so fast and what not.

Nice so far! You may run into a little trouble with the left leg/knee when he is climbing up the last block. Keep going!