WIP 2d mesh experment

weak up

the stars are falling

watch the sky

this is still a WIP project, its a short music videw, and its an experment more than a project
i wanted to creat a 2d artstyle way , more like an infographics ,adventure time or power puff girls artstyle , where it doesnt encludes grease pencil .

ther was no texture used in this, and it was made intirly on blender internel .

so i came up with this style, where i manipulate the mesh to creat depth and demention on a falt object

this is the character that i made for this experment, her name is jassmin ,and she is a lonly girl who lives on the woods,

the animation is just short and ill probebly be done with it in the next days, its all about a littly story of jassmen
wher she lives in her hut in the woods near a river stream, she runs away to the other side of the wood to have a clear view of the sky to watch the falling stars

these imgs are renders of the first frame of the animation all the way to the finil frame where she sits on the rocks to watch the falling stars


as you can see on the video, its still a WIP , this is a test animation, that i plane if i have the right tools , to creat a tutorial describing how to achive something like this

i just hope that someday this would became a method of creating stylised cartoon ,

but for now watch the video, tell me what you think
C&C are welcome

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Great stuff man once again you are a really good character designer you make very awesome stuff. looks like a game your making… :slight_smile:

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thank you very much for your words !!!
i kinda try to sharp my skills for the day where i would really go for creating a game