WIP - 37 weeks

Hi there,

Been working on a piece recently and would love some early feedback on how it’s going.
Still a lot to do - more assets and the main character/(victim?) to sculpt but I often find that I spend a long time on my main character and the environment gets hurried so I’m trying it the other way around for a change.
Obvs some textures missing etc. but any thoughts on general composition/feel/lighting would be valued.

Wouldn’t want to end up on that chair :grinning: Nice work so far!
The nearest part of the chair looks odd. The cushion seems thicker than the other two and the edges are more sharp.

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Not sure you need the bright light from outside. Looks like you’re going for a creepy look, so having the light just come from the main lamp might be creepier and more dramatic. Right now it looks like the cops have arrived with a big spotlight outside or something.

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Thanks - I hadn’t notice that - a lot of polishing to do!

Yep fair point - my original idea was to have some kind of shadowy figures watching from outside so needed the strong backlight for that but I think that won’t work so I need to reevaluate my light sources.

Update - played around with lights and camera angle while adding a few bits and textures.
I suppose composition still doesn’t quite make sense until I put the person on the bed but I prefer this angle.
Still some tweaks to textures and extra bits before I do some compositing.
I started this when my wife was 37 weeks and I think I might run out of time…! Not sure how much I’ll get done once my own little monster arrives!

Excellent work so far.

A few things stand out to me though.

First, there seems to be some sort of repeating pattern on the bump map on wall on the right. Try and break that up.

Also, the leather material scale on the chair seems too big. I think it should be much smaller. Google image search “cracked leather close up” and you’ll get some references as to how large it should be.

Finally, and probably the most important one for me, is that the tool/blade in the doctors hand is directly in line with the edge of the window and thus it’s lost. Bend his elbow a bit more so that it’s on front of the red so it stands out more.

Good luck on getting this finished in time. I’m looking forward to seeing the final piece.

And good luck with the little one! There won’t be much Blendering for a while after

Thanks for the advice - I noticed the hand/window issue as soon as it rendered - easy to fix though!

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This is how far I got before I started calling the piece, ‘Full Term’… not a lot of spare time at the minute!
When I get a chance I need to go in add a few more details to the clothing etc. then polish up most of the textures (still a few missing right now).
My main concern is that you can’t really tell what is going on - any advice to this, composition, camera angle etc. would be hugely appreciated

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What is the story? To me it looks like two “doctors” captured a pregnant woman and took her to some shady place where they experiment on people (hence the blood on the walls) only to find that this woman is pregnant with an alien or something.

If you’re going for horror, you’ve got it. If you want to play up the horror I think you can work on the lighting-Make is more dramatic, higher contrast.

If you want the story to be more obvious, you could have the alien actually partially out or poking through.

Okay, I’m getting nauseous. Good luck!

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Close enough!
I was aiming for a more 1920s Cthulu-type thing - I had thought of making it more obvious with tentacles poking out etc. maybe I should be less subtle.
You’re right about the lighting as well - need that to draw eyes to the focus better - it’s just that I always hate spending ages detailing assets then them being lost in the dark. Might leave that to the compositing stage so that I can have more control.
Thanks for the feedback! Confirmed most of the things I was thinking about!

I really love the second doctors motion of falling away while knocking over the basin thing. It really gives a sense of shock to the scene. That’s brilliant.

What stands out for me to fix is the mouth of the patient, as the white in the roof of the mouth is distracting, and also the bump on the seat looks inverted.

Thanks! Yeah I haven’t done all the textures yet…
Having trouble with the normals at the minute - exported directX from Substance and inverted the green channel but there seems to be all sorts of other problems caused by that. I’ll be going back and tweaking the majority of textures at some point anyway.
This project is going to drag on a lot longer than most I think…

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Was just browsing some old posts and realised I never linked the final piece to this thread - thanks for all the advice on it!

Here’s hoping that you and your “little monster” :baby: are all still doing very well!