(WIP 6 ) .. more or less like Final Fantasy

this is my Main Character test of blender graphic…

this is the marmoset viewer version https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lrnk5

*for the image = that blender realtime

WIP #3
better jump and run action, Cave test (light), and Huge World (maybe i’ll make smaller) :eyebrowlift:



Better Animation, Some Rock and Water

Nice work, is it fully rigged yet? and how many poly?

was working on this but the artist dropped out :expressionless:

yeah that fully rigged… the poly with sword is 33,158 tris :slight_smile:

30k? :spin: Better set up some LOD

The character looks very cool! Nice modeling, texturing and materials! As long as he´s just there for a graphics demo, 30k polygons are alright :D.

yeah, i’ll using LOD

character movement, more beautiful graphic, and head target tracking :yes:


character movement, etc.

the head tracking is nice

You are doing so awesome work here. Keep it up!:wink:

Very cool! It looks great!


Near Enemy Action…

i uploaded it b’cause i have a problem about the combo attack :v :stuck_out_tongue:

New update!.. Less poly … :d

Wow there´s no noticable difference! You might still have to turn down the poly count a bit though.

This looks really good so far. Keep it up!

yeah… my target about 15,000 … if i turn down the poly, that look so rough


Looks sweet. I like the floor with the slight wet floor look.

Try to reduce until 6,000 polys. Nice project!