WIP: '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

This is my first car in blender!
Please dont rate to low :wink:
Tips and comments please!

Nice start, keep it updated as you go. It’s good to be able to look back on your progress after you have finished a project. One thing, I think it is easier to make cars if you go piece by piece, like fender first, then bonnet, then bumper, that way you can easily modify your mistakes later. Also, the joins look better. And unless you are specifically trying to keep the poly count low, GO WILD! It looks like you have a few parts there that have more polies than necessary, like the bonnet there has a lot of polies when it can essentially be done with a few large ones. This is also a reason why you whould make it in parts, then each part of the car doesn’t have to rely on the topography of the surrounding pieces.

Good start, don’t give up on it, keep blending!

Thank you, Brookesy, I’m happy that there are people who care about noobs :wink:
Ill try doing it part-by-part, thank you for the tip :smiley:

Looks like a good start. You’re going to need LOTS of reference photos to use since a car has many complex curves.

Unless you are going for a cartoon look, the windshield and the roof of the car are going to need to be more square. A 1969 Dodge Coronet is VERY square. Also, there is no bump in the center of the grille on a Super Bee; that would be a Coronet 500 if you want to split the grille.

I agree that it would be easier to model it in parts. More like building the pieces of an actual car. That would probably be the best way.

Orthographic views of all sides and the top would make it easier to provide you with some more help.

Also, there are some really cool tutorials on modeling cars on the internet. These will be helpful although they might not be using Blender. Sometimes it helps to see how other people build their models and what their work flow looks like.

Don’t be afraid to try doing parts of the model over-and-over again. Repitition is the best way to master a skill.

Good luck. Keep showing us progress.


Thank you for your tips, ~angel