WIP - 911GT3

Hi ive been doing this car for about a week now, needs an interior and a decent environment but id like your opinions. Thanks.


can you show us the original image please? it’s too good to say something about it without the original…

original? you mean something like this?


wow meshman thats amazing :o ! wish i realy like it :D, hopefully my cars will look like that soon :wink:

O_O - as before, awesome work, wish my attempt at cars would come out even alittle bit that that. The attention to detail is good.
Cant wait for some more renders.

Added a bit of environment and interior.


Looks very stylised, I think it’s awesome. Although, it becomes apparent when looking at the number plate, that the nose is too pointy and looks rather odd with the number plate sticking out like that. Perhaps you could remove the number plate.

Another problem I notice is the shape of the curve between the front lights and the side of the car. It looks like a very overweight person tried to sit on the light, if you can see what I mean. (hard to explain)

Anyway, as I said, it’s awesome.

Thanks for replies - i think you’re right about the nose wiggie, and the weird shape is caused by reflections on the side, not sure what to do about that tho.

whoa hey… how’d you get that picture of my car???

looks sweeeeet. by the way what were your specifications for the paint texture and mat?

is that car moving?
if yes then why wheels not?

looks very nice m8, the lines look a bit sharper/ less curvier then the ones of the real car though

rih0 hes got a really fast shutter speed, lol

I likey this very much, but may I ask what .hdr file you used?

I really like the way your illumination is, too but it seems a bit murky/dark. try cranking the gamma up some if you don’t want the scene to be like a cloudy, pre-hurricane day.

Very nice. Would look great if you could model a whole enviroment for it :smiley:

Amazing car!


Thanks guys

afrosk8er88 - I cant remember the exact site for the probe i used, but type in free hdr probes in google and there should be cgtalk thread with a list to loads of good ones.

rih0- the car looks like it is moving becuase of the blurriness of the background and because of the jpg compression. However now that you mention it I think the final image should have it moving and some smoke coming off the tyres

achboy82 - My paint is just a black colour with slight reflection and loads of fresnel with a cloud texture to simulate mettalicy paint - ill post a screen of the materials the my next update.

:o :o :o :o

Starting to work on the seating and the fence texture i know is stretched and ive got the sky in there.


Meshman, do you think you could share your material settings on your glass/windows? I’m having trouble with this on one of my current projects… TIA!

Whoa, :o :o :o first time I see such a great CG Porsche! Great! Porsche Boxter is my favorite. Really superb model but, as you said, the fence is a bit horizontally stretched. As said earlyer, the nose is quiet long, perhaps you should give that some attantion in stead of the enviroment. Also perhaps the rims would be cooler is they would be bigger. The rims are great but perhaps a bit too small. :smiley:

Great, no superb work so far! Keep it up


Update, added steps and railings, change some colours in the gimp, i kind of like the rainy look if think ill go ahead and make the track reflective.
Unfortunatly the image has lost a lot of its sharpness but ill post a higher res version soon.