(Wip) A Fox Splash Remix

you could try to use nodes to render a bunch of planes and put a smoke texture into them like they do in video games. I think the 3D meshes for the clouds is overkill… but just an idea. If it runs well then leave it i guess…

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thanks for the suggestion. I thick using the 3D meshes would allow you to look at different angles in the scene

Okay, I Put it on Sketchfab have a look and tell me what you think. Thank you


Just For Fun, I duplicated my Coloured Version of my entry of the Sketch Fab file and made a B/W version too for you lot cuz I think the BW version looks stunning too and it’s a fun alternative look.

I took some time to Render a High Res Version of the small animation I put together of the render. it took a loooong time to do my GPU really hates me XD

resolution was 4000x2000


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How does one update the main thumbnail?

Please ask on the FAQ topic.

thank you bart

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This is the Sketchfab Screen Shot of my Submission I tried my best to match the EEVEE render I did as FOV and Camera position, I go pretty close. I really enjoyed this and learnt a Fews thing about the capabilities of SketchFab

yep can’t get the Thumbnail change to work. but I got a the SF screen of my model

I’m not sure why it’s not working. I made a note to look in to it later this weekend - I don’t have time today, sorry.

it’s fine, don’t worry about

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It’s a beauty! You thinking about any changes for the final stretch?

Honestly, I have no idea what to improve. There are some things I would like to add in, but SketchFab does not support them, mainly Fresnel and Volumetric Fog also I would like the ability to parent Objects to Sketchfab’s camera to fake some effects. Overall I’m happy with what I got and got as close to the EEVEE render as possible.

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Aye, as far as DOF goes, perhaps a further out layer of sparkles. Always so satisfying when you spin the model on Sketchfab and those kind of details blast you in the extreme foreground for just a second

true, I think the downside of creating a Fake Volumentic fog it’s a mesh so it tends to block quite a bit. but I see what I can do

This is me attempting to breakdown this time-lapse of a screen recording of the
“Make a Splash in Amsterdam” Blender Challenge.

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