WIP: a Knight

here is my knight… modelled entirely in blender…

i’m working on a better background now… so yeah, this is just the first draft.
i’m working on reflections too but… it doesn’t really seem to work haha (learnin env map)
suggestions/criticism are welcome
thank you! :smiley:


“this is my first post, so hi to you all!” :o)

geocities doesnt allow direct linking, make a simple html page and link to that.


damn it looks good. the cant wait to see the new background. keep up the great work.

Awesome! :o This is really nice work.

One small crit is the red skirt(?) stands out a little strongly against the surrounding armor. The snowy mist doesn’t seem to be affecting it.

Welcome to Elysiun!

WOW!!! :o
I love it!!!

That’s nice work.

Holy Shite! Nice work, mate!


She(right?) looks great! She just needs good textures and a bkgrnd

thnx guys
here’s the link, sorry if it doesn’t working before :stuck_out_tongue:

i have one question, the image looks kinda dull… so, any recommendations on how to improve it?
thnx again.


um… well for starts some materials with textures will always help… amd motion bluring the snow is always a nice effect

Also if its snowing i only seems right though would be snow on the chatacter and the sword right?

Hmm, improvments you say!? :slight_smile:

Well, her right hand seems a little too stiff and the cloth there seem to cut into the hand, maybe it’s my eyes. Don’t you go change her pose though, I love it.
What more, hmm, I don’t get that chain, maybe a little frost on the swords… thingies (don’t know the word for em’) and top would give a reason for the chain to have that stiff look, or better yet (if it fit in the sceen) put a peice of cloth on the handle like in Braveheart (the colours of her order???).
Ahh, yes… maybe put some fallen knights and foes behind her and to her right and if so, maybe give her armour a little damanged look.

ok, I’ve run out of ideas now.
Good luck!

Entirely in blender?! :o

Impressive indeed. U gonna animate it into something else? How long it take u to model that? And any help on actually modeling people i’d much appreciate.

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Wow, that looks really good, the hair especially. I’ve never been able to do hair very well. The sword looks slightly familiar. Did you base it on any specific sword? One crit, the jewel in the sword doesn’t look like you turned smooth on. You can see the individual faces in the spec. I think it’d look better if it was smoothed.


Really nice sword initialD, looks like a realistic one. The kknight is also great, but it needs a little more detail, like details on the chest armor, so keep blending :smiley:

very impressive. I like the way the sword has nicks and dents here and there… very cool that you went to the trouble to model that!

havn’t I seen this before someplace? (maybe here?)