Wip: A Real Effort (yes a girl!)

Current time 1 hour
My reference:
Work in progess

From that same image I drew what I saw in it… (5 min drawing)
just wanted to show you how far off some of my drawings really get.

hmm… something strange with the left eye, on the second drawing. also I didn’t quite get what that drawing has to do with the reference?

on first image you have a little work to do on the mouth+nose area… and… wlel, I dont know to what style you are heading for, but maybe a bit more shading, and less lines.


Yeah, the mouth looks kinda pasted on…
Keep working at it!

+30 more mins… After I finish the rough shading Ill blur/smooth it out

The reason for the crappy drag @ the buttom was to let you know that sometimes I look at things and I go way off from the image I got the idea from. I might see a pose of a girl and it just turns into a hand of a guy who in a totally diferent pose…

All thats left is the shading…

Nice work. You’re definitely getting it. Here are some critiques to help you out:

The mouth is too far down on the face and/or the chin isn’t low enough.
The head in the drawing isn’t tilted enough.
I think the eyes are too large.