WIP a tree

Well, How am I doing so far ? Any C&C ?


nice start. I am also working on a tree.

Can I see it ?

I’ll put it up as soon as I get a bit more finished with it. You might want to give my branch making method a try though:
make a 3D curve, and use bevob on it with a circle, then, give it a nice wavy shape, and convert it to mesh. then just use the taper twist script on it. works pretty good.

Well, I would need a tutorial to know what I am doing, I was thinking of subdividing and extruding to create the branches.

I would try extruding them out of a square face, and when it’s subsurfed, it will be nice and round. take a look at Robertts WIP thread for his model ‘blossom’. It has lots of little roots and things, and he put up some wires.

Will do