Wip Advanced aniamtion Character

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a non commercial free rig (if the original concept artist is ok with that).
I started modling this guy last week. Now I’m working on the rig.
For now I have:
FK / IK leg
Stretchable Spine and torso
Stretchable Neck with torso follow / world space Follow
Head with Neck follow / world space Follow

The Concept by Satoshi Matsuura

Link to his art station:

Here is my model with a bit of interpretation of course. Bringing this character to 3D was not easy.

More screenshots on my artstation:

The RIG:

I’m still learning rigging. I’m trying to transfer my rigging skills from Maya/3dsmax to blender, so… I’m a bit slow.

I will try to keep this thread up to date if you want to follow this project.



Nice progress! :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

Thx @GadgetronGreg !

I have a lot more time to spend on this project, thx covid-19 I guess…

here is a big update:

The belt needs work, everything is not following as it should.
I need to had a tweak control for the toe in IK.

I have a question: Do you know if its possible to do shape keys without collapsing the mirror modifier ?
Or I have to finish the skin, then apply the mirror to work on facial shape keys ?

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Some facial expressions to check if everything works

i’m not very happy with the mouth. I have to work more on the skin to smooth the deformation.


I started an animation to test my rig. Now it’s time to finish it and drop this project. I’m getting kind of bored with it. I learn tones of stuff but now it’s time to move one.


Looks so smooth. Great job!

Thx @anon38342556 but I finished yesterday the animation and the final render. Its even smoother now.
See it here: Warrior animation