[WIP] Alice

Hi fellow BlenderArtist-ians,

I’ve been thinkin of a game idea. (not sure if ill actually make it, but it will be fun making the assets.) Which I’m finally ready to start making bits and pieces of. I want to set it in a large house (which will be an orphanage/asylum) kinda looking like this:

The time I want to set it in will be in the Victorian Era. Where the attic plays a big role as the main characters room.

The world looks small. Although when you go to bed, you travel to another world.

I’ve decided to go with Blender’s Game Engine, although ive never used it before. Should be fun :3

Ive posted this here to ask you guys for ideas, and also techniques on how I should go about do certain things.

Here are some floor plans for the interior. I just have to rebuild it accurately within Blender (Easy). As for texturing it, I wish to give it Bump maps. How should I go about starting them in your opinions?

Surrounding the property will be a fenced area. Which includes a locked gate, the locked gate is one of the arch way ones. Ive started modeling it and its textured and bump mapped :slight_smile:

Anytime you have a giant house for a scary game, you’re always on the right track.

The bump map looks good right there!

Thanks alot :smiley:

Cool idea, love modeling floor plans. Doing the same for my game. Realism is the way to go.

Something I noticed with the Resident Evil 1 mansion… ONE BATHROOM. What kind of mansion or large building has 1 bathroom?

I find speed modeling is the best way to get started, Just start laying it down! Don’t sweat the tiny details, you can always improve later. But not too later!

Are you coding it as well?

thanks for the tip :slight_smile: good idea. just get it out how i want it, then improve :smiley:

yea im coding it too, may need a bit of help with the code from people though :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants to help in the actual project, let me know :smiley:

Heres what I have now. I changed it up a bit, and added more. Now working on texturing the metal fence “pikes”.

Dont really care about the bits that arent seamless - i just want to have fun :smiley:

Give me some ideas to model and I’ll try to work them into my schedule. So long as I can use them for my project :smiley:

Hi guys :slight_smile: I’ve just added a stone path to it :smiley: Each rock is its own mesh.

Started UV mapping the player :smiley:

Hey guys,

Been working on the player. Shes still not done.

Things to work on:


Finish dress.

Finish unwrapping.

Finish UV maps the textures.

Add bones.

ps. I thought it’d be a bit inappropriate not to have the box over the player at this point (lol) for obvious reasons. xD

I’m struggling with hair. So if anyone has any suggestions for that, would be great.

The bow is done :stuck_out_tongue: mesh-wise, that is :3

Love the idea!
Especially the part that it’s about dreams.
I love dreams.
Would the character undergo the dream or would they be lucid dreams?
I would be interested to do some work for this.

well they can free roam in the main world and do missions to get around. but when ever they go to their bed (any point in the game) they enter the dream world. this will explain stuff to them, ie unwrap the creepy story >:D so im not sure whether its lucid atm.

If you would like to help, pm me what ur interested in doing for this project :3

Been figuring out how to do her hair! safe to say, i think ive got it :D!

Not sure whether to keep the purple hair. What do you guys think?

Also as you can see, the pixelated, unhappy (lol) look at the bottom of the hair isnt seen!

Still havent finished it. Gonna finish the other side, add “layers” of hair. ie on top and under, and smaller strands.

Arghh - so close to animating :smiley: Very exciting!

Just finished the bottom of the dress! :smiley: Just gotta do the top of the dress and she’s done!

Finally finished her! :smiley:

Just gotta get her rigged - boo yaa


its running at 40 fps cos i kinda had 100 memory thirsty programs open :wink:

looks good. Reminds me of alice.