[wip] alien thing

i know its really bad… im still very bad at blender.

the hands were meant to be upside down…

some one on a diff forum said it had a genitalia… its actually a tail

any cnc?

Not sure what to say without better images. I can see the mesh, is that it in Edit Mode? If so it’s very dense! You might have applied the SubD modifier when you didn’t need to…or perhaps you did it to create geometry for the hands (which is unnecessary). I see you have a mirroe modifier in there but no SubD.

Are you working off refs? At the early stages it really helps. Even someone else’s sketches can help to learn the software.

And the person on the other forum has a one track mind :stuck_out_tongue: it looks like a tail…

looks more like a Pokemon to me :stuck_out_tongue:

i think ima redo the head, and is there a way to "remove the subserf, or atleast bring down the poly count?

and i just when off ideas i had in my mind



actualy i redid the entire mesh, still no sketches sorry…

so yea ummm how should i do the hands and face?

You need to add more geometry to the model without adding un-necessary geometry. Use Inset and knife to cut into sections of the model to make the eyes and mouth, and the same for the hands.

You might want to look up a few tutorials on modelling these things and see how it’s done.