WIP - An Eye

Hi! I am new to modeling and I am having some issues with modeling the area around the eye. I was hoping for some insight into what mistakes I am making here.

A really big issue of this eye is in I’m not exactly sure which way it is facing. I’m not sure which corner is the inside of the eye (closer to the nose) and which is on the outside. Now the blue arrows point in the direction that I think the nose will be centered on the entire face. But maybe the brow (red arrow) is pointed in one direction, while the cheek (green arrow) is oriented in another.

I’m not sure. I think it is a matter of theory. I need some help understanding what the eye needs to be doing.

There is also a weird artifact or something located right where the green arrow is pointing. If I continue to extrude down the fold just keeps running and I haven’t been able to fix it yet.

Good advise while be greatly appreciated if you can spare any.


those 4 faces around the fold are probubly the problem.
select them and press F-key. it will turn them all into one face.
be careful about poles while modeling the cheek.

but, overall, a good start.

thanks for the tip, I finally know what the F-key does. But it doesn’t solve the problem this time.

There is something wrong with the proportions also. As in should the nose go to the right or left of the eye? Is the cheek in conflict with the brow on the forehead?

I will research this on my own but of course any good advise would be greatly appreciated.


thanks for the help tigger. I was thinking the same thing as far as the nose is concerned. However, I’m afraid the crease in the face is still more of a mysterious entity.

I just think it has something to do with how I formed the eye in such an amateur fashion. the loops are far from effecient or anything, so it the source of the problem probably goes deeper than those actual faces. I’ve tried stretching them all over and the crease only gets deeper and deeper.

If you are getting strange creases, it could mean that you have a vertice or face extruded “in” behind your mesh.

Good going DearMagicMyshu.
If U can draw, then I must say do some practice sketching of some of the Face U see every time. or the best process is that to draw mesh line on your face in front of a mirror and sketch it including the mesh u saw of u can snap a photo of your mesh drawing face from front and side and put it as a background image reference in blender background. As u r familier to see u every day u will easily dittect the formation of the model u built in blender. This is my practical experience as I always do for my practice…

Have a nice time


Nice model MagicMyshu. Try pulling the top vertex by the fold out a little, that should fix the crease. Or delete about 4 verts up there, and re extrude them.

marlopax: U must stop tpying wit 1 hand, or u will look like u r a n00b!!!111
Try speel chekking your poosts, too. I don’t even understand your point!!!

thanks everyone for your support on my WIP. I have plenty of work to do on the model and I look forward to hanging around the forums etc. with all you guys

Hi, I think this will help u


I would be tempted to fix that ‘crease’ by selecting the four faces and then hitting ‘smooth’ a couple of times. Don’t get too carried away with the smooth button though as it affects the surrounding faces and they may need tweaking back into place.

Sellect all the vertex and the click “Smooth”

good mesh work of the last eye. more detail will need some more studies. as an artist i can say that to make realistic modeling every body needs the volum & carector study so that the modeling will grow in a very strong and perfect mesh.