WIP Animation Challenge #2: moxstudios

Hi guys here is my entry It was a good learning experience.
I staring to love Blender 3d :D.


I like it very much ! Only thing is that camera confused me a bit to read the animation. Other than that, very funny and well done.

Thanks Malefico I will fix some of the motions and the motion of the camera.

I update my animation. Hope you liked

Nice! I like how you handle the smash against the platform. Id raise the ankles a little when building force for the jump, the feet feel planted to the ground a bit.

It’s simply great! The preparation for the jump is hilarious!

Keep up the good work!

Really good, the movements when he prepares himself are brilliant, nice idea.

Very GOOD! Nice movements and poses and timing! I liked a lot! And that must hurt…

Thanks all for the comments