WIP animatique


I am working on a little project focused on particles motion. I would like to use Blender for this and not C4D or Houdini but I do not find ways to accomplish what I want.

I need control over particles rotation, here i use fields combination to produce a preview of my effects. The first one would be like wind blowing my particles like grass, so they rotate and come back to their original position in a more mecanichal way. The second effect would be more like blooming flowers.


I try to work proceduraly but I do not find all the control i want. I guess I could do a little script to parent my caps particles to some target but it would be quite a pain to make modification to each particles i want or not to move.

My main issues are controling the max rotation of particles, achieve a nice random wave (like turbulence field but with more control, texture field would have been perfect i think if i could affect rotation), achieve a blooming effect to some ereas of my particles field with some sort of faloff so they are not all blooming at once and not all affected.

This is quite a lot I am asking, I was wondering of using particles nodes if one would know if it is possible yet… or maybe some plugins ?

thank you for reading.

I am not sure to understand exactly what you want to do.
But I think you should take a look to dynamic paint+particle’s textures and to keyed particles.