Wip: Anime Mascot

This is for a new design for the current site I am working on. She is to be holding a huge ass sword. Not sure what to use for the background yet.


She looks good. I like the pose.

Huge ass sword you say? Hehe.
Keep them coming.]


I thinjk the hands are a lil too big.
But she will hold Huge A. Sword… hrh :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks quite good!I also like the pose.The character really does look Anime-ish.Keep it coming.

I could really use some tips.You guys are really good at poses.Thats where my problem is.I can draw,but my poses mostly look unnatural and unbelievable.Got any good tips?How do you do it when you draw a human or some other creature or something?
I would really like to learn that.

Very professional looking. The manga style is much harder than you think it would be.

My tip for good poses would be to start by penciling a very rough person - in proportion, yet little more than a playdow lump, before you fill in any details.

Eduard it will just come out of no where and you start drawing better. Keep at it, I’ve been drawing for 7 years always in my style which happens to be anime-ish. Having reference art helps a lot just change the pose a big and add more arc to everything and people seem to love it.

Also they way I draw on paper vs computer is hugely different. Anyways I have a youtube channel where I posted a few crappy videos you might want to look at that. http://youtube.com/profile?user=sutabi

Those are some cool videos,I liked the eye one the most.Good technique.

Thanks for the tips.I guess ill just have to keep practissing drawing :wink: .