Hi all !!
I’m Elendil, a french newbie, and this is my first post on elysium …
I just wanted to take part to the WC, to train and to show you my work …

Here is my idea : i wanted to take a macrophotography of an ant war … Black ants are attacking by surprise red ants which are working.

A few pics to show you what i’ve already done …


At the right a “colonel”, wich gives the order to attack (i’m sorry my rock sux …)
At the left my simple ant with who i’m going to work …


Here is a test to diferenciate soldiers and workers, i’ve tried to put casks on the ants … (don’t look at the ground, or at the ant’s spec …).

So, what do you think about it ?

I’ve got a question : can i use textures i didn’t make by myself ??

Sorry for my english…

Bye !

60 views and no1 to post a reply … :expressionless:

sorry dude i viewed it twice or thrice and forgot to do anything i literally fogot what i was doing it hapens to me alot :(. but for your images they do need a bit of work ok with textures and such. woah i replyd.

I would make the joints where the antennae join the head tighter. Maybe by inserting another ring of vertices in there. Maybe even hint at the cavity that the antennae grow out of. I don’t know ant anatomy though.

Wow :o there are so many replies !!
So, i don’t want to put too much details on my ant because it’s a global view and we can’t see them. Moreover, there are too many vertices yet.
I think I’ve finished, but impossible to make a render !!
I’m going to kill myself …

dont joke about that dude, i mean it i take that seriosly.

Yea! Never joke about that!

(I’m serious.)


You don’t want me to joke about what ?? killing myself ??
Oh, I’m really sorry … i was not serious at all, and that was the only expression i knew in english to say that i had got enough with it …

its a nice idea Elendil. Your colonel ant has got lots of potential - it made me laugh.

I think ants have 8 legs though - might be worth checking this out.

and welcome to Elysiun :smiley:

thanks a lot Gcat !!
I checked it out before modelling, ants only have 6 legs …
If they had 8, they would be spiders …


here is my last render, i haven’t got enough time to make another one :expressionless: and fix all the bugs and matters …

thanks for checking.

the soldier ants are cool. Good luck in the WC

Not all 8-legged creatures are spiders! Scorpions, for example…

These have really blocky looking heads… Ah, whatever. You seem to be going for a cartoonish look, anyway.

Never say no to adding more detail. It will enhance it even if the camera is way above the scene. It adds a depth that you can’t get otherwise.

8 legged creatures and arachnids :stuck_out_tongue: and ok i know it was a joke elendil but dont joke about it plz. ok onto your images really cool.

Scorpions are arachnids.
Arachnid are animals that have an exoskeleton, a two-part segmented body, and 8 jointed legs; they do not have a backbone. The body is divided into the prosoma and the abdomen. The prosoma anchors the chelicerae (pincers), pedipalps (mouth parts) and four pairs of legs.

Basically, arachnids are spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks.
20,000+ species of spiders
750+ species of scorpions

told you :D.

Wow, there’s so much answers, and this time this is true !!
Thanks for the precisions on the 8 legged animals (i don’t know if i can say that), and for the comment about my pic … I haven’t enough time to make the image as good as i wished fo the WC, but it’s still a wip, and i’ll try to make my image better (there’s a lot of work …).
Thanks again and bye