WIP - Apartment Living Room

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post on blenderartist.com, i have known blender for 2 years now but just recently getting serious on it (mostly because of the improvement on the UI over the years). I was trying to recreate a scene of an apartment living room from a rendering that i saw at some cg forum (i’m so sorry, if i had just remember the author name i would’ve gladly give him some credit in this post). All of it was modelled from scratch using the rendering as reference for furniture, light direction etc.

The thing is the rendering result just doesn’t feel right, i can’t get the material right for the black plastic chair and also the fur carpet doesn’t blend with the base of the table.
I used blender internal renderer.

Comments and critics are very welcomed :).

I can’t see anything wrong with the carpet and table.
If you can’t get the rubber chair to look like something then just make it look good.
I’m geussing the background is an image or has really bad lighting. If it is an image, try making a rough model. The image doesn’t have much detail in it.

Thank you for replying macktruck6666
ha ha ha…,
I thought so too, i’m using an image for the outdoor view. Maybe the difference in vanishing point also makes it kinda odd too.
You really think the carpet and the table is okay? hmm, i still think the fur carpet should be kinda brushed away by the table base.
if you see it as a “rubber chair” than clearly i have make some mistake in the material setup :frowning:
actually i was trying to make it into plastic chair, looks like i still need a lot of training. :frowning:

The only comment at have is that it looks spic and span, way too clean. Perhaps add a bit of dirt maps here and there to add realism. Same on the carpet and furniture. Other then that, its a really really nice scene :slight_smile:

My 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Blending :wink: