wip: armored battle train-with working link

not much but C&C is welcome. :slight_smile: NEW LINK:http://www.hot.ee/crazyk/train.jpg

When i click on that link I see a blank page, and that’s all


Well that’s what’s on the page.

No image :frowning:

yup, no image :frowning:

lol, is nothing :smiley: looks awesome! its white :smiley:

:D:D rotfl

Great not another “trr” thread.

almost as cool as http://www.something.com/ :smiley:

NEW LINK train picture here

holy smoke what a amount of details! If you keep going at this level you’ll have a master piece.

No critics so far -> looking good!

Are you modelling from blueprints or just “free hand”?


freehand :slight_smile:

Wow :o impressive. Nice detail. Hope to see it textured.

nice detailing, i like this engine (o whatever it is) and chain, nice work and keep it up

too dark :frowning: