(Cativo) #1

Ok, this is my first new model in…well since the Bismarck and KGV(Im not posting yet), its in very early stages.

Comments welcome(no textures yet! :p), btw copy and paste


(acasto) #2

looking good, can’t wait to see it with textures and final lighting

(slikdigit) #3

looking good! ditto textures and lighting, plus animate that suckah. T’would be fun to try to re-create the stop motion-y walkcycle of the original ATST in CG.

(Cativo) #4

Thnanks for the comments! I wanna do that Bassanimator! Already practicing with ikas…

(Free Mars) #5

Good Job

(slikdigit) #6

lookin’ forward to it.

(jorx) #7

Nice modeling!
I wish I was that good. :slight_smile:

(pofo) #8

Lookin good so far

Keep it up

  1. pofo

(Andy Goralczyk) #9

:o excellent work, can’t wait to see it textured!!!


(Cativo) #10

An update after taking a look at a ref pic…

(ScottishPig) #11

EXCELLENT work. Not as good as any of your battleships yet, but definatly a fair start.

(Cativo) #12

Thanks again for the comments. You think my battleships are better SP? thank you!