WIP: At the bar [blend file availible on second page]

This is my latest WIP, ‘At the bar’. It is a bar with two (maybe three) glasses and eventually a bottle of whatever. It is supposed to be a little photorealistic. I know that the bar sort of disappears in the upper left corner, and I’ll fix that in my next update.


C & C welcome


kl a bit plane but u can fix that :stuck_out_tongue:

Any comments? :-?


(up) put some water or something in one.

I tried that, and failed. Any pointers on how?


erm… i completely went blank i made something like wat your doing but only god knows where the folder is now, heck he might even have it. yo g dude where my blend, the heck i know :stuck_out_tongue: . erm ill try something out for ya dude.

That picture is very dark. I can’t tell what it is. Two glasses on a table?

It’s two glasses on a bar (You know, the kind you get a drink at?) I am rerendering with brighter lighting and I fixed the missing piece of the bar. (The voices tell me that that’s why I’m not getting any crits :wink: )


O.K I hopefully made it brighter. I also fixed the “disapearing bar” problem.
I also forgot to mention in the first post that I’m using radiosity.



I have to confess some bias on this subject matter, because I can’t stand how dimly lit some bars are. :slight_smile:

O.K, trying to get liquid into the glass in @#%$^&*!(!! me off. Until I find a way to do, nno liquid. I may make some drop of water using metaballs.

d_m :<

not exactly at all photrealistic!

actually don’t feel bad - i have the same problem - i can’t seem to get rid of a weird black glow from a water texture i applied to a glass i made. I lost the blend so i can’t show you a render! :x

it isn’t easy making glass look real so i give you prompts for trying!

First of all, brighten the render. But that’s not, what I actually wanted to say. In my last render I had a cocktail glass with a tequila sunrise like drink in it. My way of doin it: First copy the glass mesh in Object Mode. Change to Edit Mode and local view.Delete all vertices, which are NOT the inner side of the glass. Now you have to decide, how much liquid should be inside. Delete the vertices which are above and do some faces for the upper surface of your liquid.
Hope you understood my weird words and my advice was helpful.

lol ok? ill try a quick try at this :D.

ok put this together in like 20 minutes.

the cup it isnt perfect jus tried to get the water to work.

bout 5 mins too render tho. dont think its perfect but maby u like it?


The composition of the picture sucks. Use the rule of thirds!

I’ll work some more on the liquid, I’ll brighten it some more, but don’t really plan on changing my compostion.



Maybe somthing like this would look okay. I know the waters not great but with a little tweaking it could be. If you like it I could send you the blend for example.

nobody liked mine :frowning: .yours are cool tho.

One thing i think is wrong is the glasses shadow it shouldn’t be that dark because light can go through it