WIP - Attempt at realistic render with BI

Hello , this is my second finished image since i started learning blender , the first one was my entry to the “Saying Goodbye” comp…
I really want to understand the workflow to create realistic images with BI, so with your critiques and suggestions i`ll try to achieve as much realistic render as BI could :slight_smile:
The modelling is not mine , the rest is all done by me…

I would suggest watching this awesome video for realistic lighting. The textures look alright, but the hardness, specular, and sss need some serious work.

Keep at it, it looks good so far!

you’re a fast learner… it’s great for a 2nd finished render but i believe you could work more on the color composition and lighting of you’re scene.

great work for a beginner, i would make the texture for the orange a higher res one though with a higher res bump map