WIP: Aurora Thunder Jet Chassis and track

Here are some models I am working on in Blender. The Chasis is based off of the actual toy Slot Car and US Pattent documents. The designs have been in Public Domain since 1983. I need to texture/bumpmap the track and place in the connecting pieces that join each track piece. I started the project about 2 years ago and have been working on it only for a few hours total. All vertice points on the chassis are scripted to form the actual dimentions from blueprints. All parts are seperate models. I am holding off on the holes for the motor and axels until the end so I don’t create a bunch of extra pollygons.


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More simple renders.

Hi. Did you consider sharing this model? I’m asking because i want to design a slot car and this would help me very much.


Wow, 7 years old post. I dont have the files any more. These were based on an “Aurora Thunderjet 500” slot car that is patented and copyrighted from the 70’s. You will be better off creating a design from scratch to avoid any copyright or patent infringements. Start with the slot car scale you want to work with, in the US 1:87 (HO) scale is popular, but the rest of the world is more into 1:32 scale. Then go from there.

Yes, i know is an old post, but i keep files from 30 yars ago. You never know. :). I’m not afraid of copyright infringements, because i’m going to use it personally, as a reference for slot car design, wich will be mounted over legit licenced aurora chassis. Thanks for your time, Jorge.

Hi, Did you model the tjet chassis Jorge?
I’m also interested, for the same reason!