Hi all, I’m busy with 2 projects at the moment. The Audi R8 and this Lamborghini Murcielago and I want to keep it updated both… So please comment because it will only make me better with Blender:D.

This is how things going right now:


And I worked a bit on the front. Now the lamps fit in:cool:.


wow, looking great.
im sticking around here.
are you modelling everything seperatly… eg… windows?

well, not everything, but almost everything yes:).

I think that’s the best method. And I’m glad you like it:D.

I made the grill in the bumper. No I’ll proced to the next part of the car… I think it may be the doors.

well here are 2 quick renders:


hi all, It was a busy day today… but I found some time to model a bit on the murcielago… Modelled the door and I think it’s almost finished… still need some work though to make it perfect but i ran out of time so more of that later. haha. This is what I’ve got right now:


did you model the grill mesh?

Yes I did… It’s not a texture or something haha! Here’s the wireframe…


must of taken ages,
you do any tutorial for that?

Haha, well I think that it was taking for an hour to model the grill. Maybe less then an hour. It’s not that difficult you know… i’t’s just that you need to do it very symetric (don’t know if it’s good english…), cause else it won’t work… But I think it’s done very neat and I’m happy with it:).

gr, Rick.

hm, could use the array mod.
before you start nice renders i recomend yafaray.

Here’s a quick update! I think things are working out pretty well.


next is the hard bit, the back.
are you using refrence images, they help if you cant see some thing on the blueprint.
here are some.

can you do tires, if not here is a great tutorial:http://vimeo.com/4415254

thanks for the mesh tip, works on my enzo:

hey, thanks for the references! haha, yes i think I can make tires and rims pretty good… thanks anyway. haha;).

Your Enzo is looking good. I just think that it’s a bit looking like paper. You know, the parts are not realy thick… I think that will make a big difference. But it’s good!:smiley:

thick, what do you mean??
and how do you do it??

I mean that the parts of the car are thin! hehe, that means that they are not thick. you know… just extrude the outer vertices of the part en extrude them inside. Then add a line with Ctrl-R en make a sharp edge. Then, the car wil look better.:smiley:


And I also see that you have your grills done. Did you do it with my tip? hehe.:smiley:

I also saw that the windshield isn’t meeting the roof of your car. There’s a hole…

yeah, its not finished yet, but im getting closer.
any more updates? :slight_smile:

yeah, I’m busy… I think I will update tomorrow!

gr, Rick:D

hi all. Here’s a little update… hope you like it! Going to start on the back of the car now… Think that’s the hardest part indeed ionee.