[WIP] Bb

Finally got time to create new artwork. This is WIP thread of BB from Fate series. All created using Blender 2.8. It’s still rendered using clay material using Cycles. I hope I can get more feedback and post more progress here.

Reference: https://twitter.com/teffish/status/871348914955276288/photo/1


this looks beautiful !!!

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OwO. Nice. Are you planning on texturing it?

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Thanks. Yes, I’ll continue to add the textures and materials

Is this an original design? The shape is pretty solid. I only have a few issues with the detail currently, Immediately her shins/knees/ankles bothered me. Maybe the crease between her thighs and calves isn’t 110% right yet. Right now her top lip feel a bit weird for me, but maybe it won’t feel weird when it comes together, I understand this is 3d manga style. Maybe the creases in the jacket arm aren’t feeling totally natural too.

I’m really knit picking here. It’s looks really good. Curious to see how it turns out.

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Thanks for the feedback and the nice words! No, it’s not my original design. I already put the reference on the first post. I’m still not sure about her thigh also, maybe I’ll post more updates about that here.

EDIT: I already finished the model. Sorry for not posting anything here. You can see the final result here: BB (Fate)

Great success!