[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

Make separate settings for the inner and outer corners will not work. For band only.

Does anyone else need this?
If necessary, I will rewrite, but not the test versions.


Personally I think at this point it’s not worth anyone supporting 2.79. It’s like making sure a program still runs on Windows 98. :wink:


… Or making sure a website still runs properly in Internet Explorer. :wink:


My Imac doesnt handle 2.80 :frowning:

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also, 2.8x is not on pair with 2.79 yet (in functionality or feature wise, disregarding rendering)

Hello, I can’t seem to create pipe using bab addon.
There are no curve settings in the menu, only the bevel settings after adding the boolean. I’m using Blender 2.8.

Am I missing something?

Thank you.

What version of the plugin are you using?
Try this:

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I was using version bab_v_0_2_8.py of the addon.

I could be doing something wrong. Are there any written step by step instructions available anywhere? I watched a few videos, but I cannot reproduce what the others are doing.

Do you have a create pipe button? If not, then download the version that I posted above.

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  1. I create the boolean with both objects selected

  2. From the BAB toolbar I press Create Pipe, then I get the attached error message.

I also noticed there is no SLICE option under the Operations panel as there is in one of the videos.

The slice command works in a different way in the 2.8 versions of BAB. This is the reason you are not finding it under the other boolean commands in the add-on’s panel.

I have said to Ilya that it would be good to have it back in the place it was before. Now so as it is its use is perplexing. Maybe we will have it again in the same place in some coming version.

  1. Вы смотрите старое видео.

  2. Вы используете тестовые версии add-on’а в которых эта функция ненужна. Тестовая версия для моих экспериментов. Поэтому она отличается.

  3. Метод тыка никто не отменял. (это самый быстрый и рабочий метод)

  4. You are watching an old video.

  5. You use test versions of add-ons in which this function is unnecessary. Test version for my experiments. Therefore, it is different.

  6. The method of poking has not been canceled. (this is the fastest and most working method)

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I apologize if I offended anyone


Thank you for your response. Still unclear what is causing the error in my screen shot. I’m hoping it will help IIya with debugging.

I have already answered your question. This function is not written. Since this is a test version

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Thank you for the explanation IIya. Thank you for making this add on. I look forward to future updates. I apologize, I should have known it was a test version as it has the word “test” in the script name.
Thanks again.

I think that the next version will not be test.
Need to wait a bit.


Great. Looking forward to it. Keep up the great work. This addon is fantastic!!

Panel will look something like this:

The update will be on this or next week