[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

Where in bab_v_0_3_0_0.py do you set the number of segments for the round off radius ?
You can set how “wide” the radius is, but how do you set how many segments are within that round fillet ?

so great.



At the moment, I have no ideas on this subject (except voxel)

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Voxel? What do you mean?

Voxel remesh
There is a possibility that I misunderstood the question

Hi @Rodinkov_Ilya,

I just rediscovered your powerful add-on, and added it to my top add-ons list. :+1:

I’m wondering: is there or will there be a Github page for BAB, so we can star that and watch it for updates? I’d welcome that. I keep an eye on most of my favorite Blender add-ons that way.



I’m glad my add-on are being used

At the moment, I think my code is not good enough to post it on github
In the next versions I will think about it.


Some successes:

  • bmesh, not pipe, not bool with pipe
  • Smoothing intersections, smoothing each side independently
  • I can make an independent radius on each side
  • A lot has not been implemented. But the process has begun

Some problems with connecting parts


To be honest, I did not understand what you mean by saying ‘Smoothing intersections, smoothing each side independently. I can make an independent radius on each side.’ Ilya. It would be good to have a short video explaining what you mean.

Red dotted line. Side a and b


Yes, see it : you mean that the distance that each side have from the boolean seam in the center could be different.

This is a brilliant idea! If we had something so it would be great, indeed! :smiley:

This is really looking awesome! I’ve been using this add-on a lot lately and it’s helped me out on some tough shapes. This new stuff sounds like it would help in places where you need to refine things tightly.

Oh wow, this looks good

Small test of preview:


That looks great.
Apart from the independent bevels, are there any other advantages of not using the pipes?
Is the speed better?

I did not test the speed, because the addon is not ready. I check it in parts.

More control, fewer self-intersection fixes (2 loops), no need to jump between vertex groups, and between modes. I can try to make a more equal bevel (g1 instead of g0)
It should work better. Including with low poly meshes
The old method failed:


I can’t wait to try this new version.

Will this new method also work better in different scale?
For example, current version has sometimes problems with smaller objects and I have to make objects bigger to make it work.

I will try to improve the situation. But remembering your examples, standard modifiers did not work for you either

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WOW man just WOW, Very impressive addon, Very good bevels,. Thx for this, ım sure very useful. Looks like My Old Love, Catia CAD Bevel is back :heart_eyes: