[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

It would probably be worth showing the geometry of both meshes ?

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maybe this will be interesting in this topic

i just found video on youtube, i don’t have blend files. In video N2 author explain how it realized. If someone can this - automate in addon - we will have bevelAfterBoolean ver2…
again in video N2 - explanation.

это пост скорей только! для Ильи (ну и может кого то еще кто знает python), возможно видео, особенно второе даст ему идеи для улучшения его плагина.
it’s post-soon only! for Ilya (well, maybe someone else who knows python), maybe a video, especially the second one, will give him ideas for improving his plugin.


This is cool approach, would you share the blend file by chance?

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Very interesting. There is a need, however, to explain -in a very clear way- the steps taken for arriving to the demonstrated results.

Btw, it would be good to have a blend file too.

I think, this is not usable as BaB
BaB realisation is simple/better.

this method is not really clean for subdiv, and more unnecessarily longer to setup than manually doing the bevel and etc in the cage object at once…

corrective smooth will shrink the model, and get worst shading in those boundaries of the bevels, this guy doesnt show that here but i know because there is plenty of ngons in the boolean he is doing, and obvious results will happen…

stop believing in perfect and clean non destructive modelling workflows like this, we will not (yet) get that in blender and other 3d apps, and these is are just workarounds same as using boolean objects, retopology addons, and then subdiv similar like this standard workflow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXh5ExOJuHk

if you ever need a good high poly and clean model to begin a concept model before doing retopology with subdiv for production (vfx, film, games, printing, etc) please use this addon, i really recommend it Black Mesh - Procedural Modeling Tool

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BlackMesh is good but after a while its meshes become very dense and this gets down Blender. You have to own a good auto-retopo app as is Quad Remesher for dealing with the problem. As to such operations, as is bevelling the seams of boolean cuts, BAB still remains the main solution in Blender.

BlackMesh can be a good solution if its author finds a way of keeping the meshes dense only on the bevel areas and making the flat areas very sparse as to their polygons. It is something that in some degree is already there but only in cases of cube like objects which have such flat surfaces… when it comes to curved objects, however, the polygons become very dense all over the surface of objects.

The tool which is still the ‘king’ as to such modelling operations, in the whole 3D modelling apps range, is Modo’s ‘Mesh Fusion’. It began as ‘Groboto’ and then it became integrated to Modo. But as all we know it is not easy to approach Modo which is a very expensive app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nevertheless, both BAB and BlackMesh are offsprings of very valuable efforts and they deserve our attention and encouragement.

I, personally, am a very dedicated user of BAB -I can not imagine myself without it anymore- and I am experimenting nowadays with BlackMesh too. :slightly_smiling_face:


you can use decimate modifier for planar surfaces optimization, also blackmesh has a an adaptivity option that decreases voxels in the flat areas as well…

for example using adaptivity:


Thanks for the tips Michael. I still am trying to understand its workings. Also, its author said that he will make a step by step tutorial video soon. So, it will be easier to delve deeper into its way of working.

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Спасибо за видео.
Я могу ошибаться, но создание оффсетов таким способом , будет очень плохо работать при изогнутых формах исходного меша (принцип работы модификатора Solidify (Если нормаль не совпадет с нужной)). Также очень много модификаторов, которые нагружают систему. И в конце еще и ремешит весь объект.

Thank you for the video.
I may be wrong, but creating offsets in this way will work very poorly with curved shapes of the original mesh (the principle of the Solidify modifier (If the normal does not match the desired one)). There are also a lot of modifiers that load the system. And in the end, the entire object is also destroyed.

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Это неэтично. Самое простое, что приходит на ум - это пускать лучи по кругу через ray_cast. Проблема только в том, как вырезать полученные точки в геометрии и удалить излишки. И как не допустить прохождение на сквозь в тонкостенных объектах. Недели через 2-2,5 попробую что-нибудь. Сейчас не будет времени и комппьютера.

This is unethical. The simplest thing that comes to mind is to allow the rays to pass in a circle through the “ray_cast”. The only problem is how to cut the resulting points in the geometry and remove the excess. And how to prevent passage through thin-walled objects. I’ll try something in 2-2. 5 weeks. At the moment, there is neither time nor a computer.


по русски пишете, ничего с вами не сделаешь
а я что, лысый? тоже буду!

Здравствуйте, Илья. Хочу поинтересоваться, есть ли задумки или может уже в проекте сделать реализацию BAB на Geometry Nodes?
Ведь это то чего мы все ждали! (я думаю)

Hello Ilya.
I would like to ask if there are any ideas or you already have project of the implementation of the BAB on the Geometry Nodes?
After all, this is what we have all been waiting for! (I think)

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Здравствуйте. Я еще не смотрел возможности Geometry Nodes, но такое желание есть.
Hello. I haven’t looked at the capabilities of Geometry Nodes yet, but there is such a desire.


Я просто хотел поблагодарить за этот прекрасный аддон, спасибо вам Илья!

I just wanted to say thank you for this beautiful addon, thank you Ilya!


Could anyone confirm if this is still working as intended in 2.93.4 LTS? I’m trying to give it a go but I’m not getting good results. Should I go back to a previous blender version?

It works for me

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So bab_v_0_3_6 is the latest version for 2.93?

It doesn’t seem to be working properly.


much better