[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

Yes, in the latest version it worked.
The previous did not work.


Greate, now you can start porting. I wish you good luck whith this!

as soon as everything nodes arrives, they will be interesting moments …

2.8… and premium? Count me in.
I have high hopes for this tool. I hope to see it evolve into something awesome!
Also gotta give it a cool name.

Bevel + Boolean = Bevelean


Fix for latest Blender 2.8:

bab_v_0_2_3_1.py.zip (6.8 KB)

Wow! This is great indeed! :grinning:

And… a question I asked before some posts too: the thing in the image below, how did you achieve it? What did you do for having the horizontal and vertical strips intersected in such a clean way (so that someone can make intersected extrusions from them)? Is it possible to do such a thing with the present means of the add-on or is it a feature you are experimenting on?

throwing names out there

  • postbevel
  • hardbevel
  • bevelflow
  • boolflow
  • curvecut
  • hardline
  • geo-bevel

thats all i got this moment.

I have this problem whwn i hit BaB.

The last built works fine. Thank you.

Very grateful sir! I think, I will find good use for him. and seems to fail for 2.79b stable.

This is for Blender 2.8
For Blender 2.79 in the cap


This is only possible in simple situations like in the picture.

I wonder how do you achieve it even in such simple situations… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Rodinkov_Ilya for this plugin, have you considered sharing this project on GitHub as well…? That way more people may be able to help with the development, tracking bugs, having separate branches for Blender 2.7 and 2.8 etc and keep track of changes.

Just saw this on Twitter and can’t wait to try it.

How non-destructive is it? Does it work well with things like boxcutter? I wonder if the functionality overlaps with meshmachine? Anyone used these together?

I’d also most likely buy a version from Blendermarket if it was released there!

It works in any case that has to do with booleans. Just be careful to have the objects beveled (without sharp edges), and proceed. It works best with rounded in their edges objects. No other thing is needed.

afaik it’s destructive

Hi Илья probably you already seen this but if not - there are some ideas which you can use in your addon.
p.s. thanks for your addon!