[WIP]Bevel after Boolean


(Arseny Melkumyan) #561

Илья, ты дразнишь плотоядных мясом, мы скоро не выдержим, слишком уж прикольные фишки делаешь

(Rodinkov Ilya) #562

DataTransfer test:

(Rodinkov Ilya) #563

It takes time to clean up the code. Also, something to try and improve.
Я никого не дразню. Делаю с той скоростью, с которой получается.

(Arseny Melkumyan) #564

Да я это шучу так, просто прикольно получается, аж облизываюсь

(DevilsDJ) #565

I decided to give this addon another try with a model that I was having difficulty with. It worked very well I’m happy to report.

Three separate boolean, two difference and one union.

(Fatesailor) #566

Ilya did you test those results with intersect and slice boolean operations too? Are they working in such cases too?

Btw, in the data transfer test I do see some unexpected sharpness on some areas of the bevels. It seems that in some of the samples the segments on the bevels are not so evenly distributed… maybe it is a problem that has to do with it.


@Rodinkov_Ilya you should definitely get in touch with Howard Trickey and think about making it as an modifier. Check this topic on devtalk forum: https://devtalk.blender.org/t/gsoc-2018-bevel-improvements/440/83 Your add-on was mentioned there couple of times (also by me).

(Arseny Melkumyan) #568

I support your proposal

(Rodinkov Ilya) #569

The add-on should work at the intersection.
A slice is a combination of several modes, so if the main modes work, then so is it.
At the moment I’m still experimenting.
I tried a lot of different ways, but for now the way with the ‘pipe’ works best. The only difference is that I do it manual (without self-intersections), and not through the convert of the curve.

When I achieve some results, I will write to him.
This is not exactly bevel. These are some tricks and standard bevel

(Romanji) #570

Having that stuff working on lower poly models will be very helpful. So far it can be used for Sub-D modelling with an higher polygon count, but with this new algorithm its possible for using it for realtime models (which i am doing atm).
This will be awesome. Thank you Ilya for pushing this tool further.

(Fatesailor) #571

Pushing the tool to the extremes… not bad at all! :slightly_smiling_face:

(bkjernisted) #572

Which version are you using Fatesailor? What is your workflow? Thanks… Amazing Yours as well Rodinkov_Ilya and DevilsDJ! What are your workflows? Thanks

(Fatesailor) #573

Thanks Bkjernisted! :smiley: I am using the 0.9 version. It is the best working to my estimation. As to my general workflow you can watch my videos on Youtube… I have two videos there with detailed explanations regarding the use of the add-on:

(bkjernisted) #574

Thank you Fatesailor.

(DevilsDJ) #575

Another test of this amazing addon. I have found that keeping the subsurf modifiers at the same level seems to work well. For instance I used level 3 on the shank and the Pac-Man prongs. Also it seems to work much better if I have applied all the other modifiers before using the addon.

(Rodinkov Ilya) #576

There were some problems. When more or less it is possible to fix, then lay out a new version.
Some test:

(Fatesailor) #577

This is great Ilya! It makes bevels even in cases of sharp cornered booleans! :smiley:

Did you try to use it on already finished bevelled seams? I am very curious to see what could do in such cases… that’s to say in cases where the seams cross each other.

(Rodinkov Ilya) #578


Did you try to use it on already finished bevelled seams? I am very curious to see what could do in such cases… that’s to say in cases where the seams cross each other.

It is with this and had problems.
I try to fix them.

(Dito) #579

Wow Ilya, this is awesome

(Fatesailor) #581

Could it be that those problems arise because of the low density meshes? Does it give the same results with dense meshes too?

Having the add-on work with low density meshes too is good, without doubt, but I think that it is not necessary. Mesh fusion and Hard mesh too work with dense meshes only. It is in their nature to work so. This should not be seen as a problem (to my opinion at least).