[WIP]Bevel after Boolean


(Rodinkov Ilya) #762

Try this version:

Merge Complicated Shapes
(Fatesailor) #763

Ilya, this thing with the strips in edit mode… I did not understand the way it works (I tried to find but in vain). Can you make a very small video showing it please?


(Rodinkov Ilya) #764

You can cut the guides with a knife. Or use boolean in edit mode. And bevel guide edges.

(1cromos) #765

can you help me step by step

how must i to make for apply the intersect

in edit mode?

furthermore how you have realized the ellipse on the oval?

Bets regards and Happy holidays and happy new year

(Rodinkov Ilya) #766

Did you mean video above or basic instructions?

If the second, then the basic instructions in the header

Thank you. Have a nice weekend and happy new year.

(1cromos) #767

Tankyou very much

(Fatesailor) #768

Thanks Ilya! I never thought that it can be done in such a way. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Rodinkov Ilya) #769

I began to study vectors, matrix, normals and bmesh. After a while I will improve method 2. There is already some success. I also hope to improve my knowledge of Python. After that I will try to improve the add-on.
Most likely this will happen after the new year. Happy New Year, everyone.

(lacilaci86) #770

Happy new year to you too Ilya. Can’t wait to see more of your work on this.
Here are some more shots on the chair I did using your plugin: Office
I did some more commercial models I cannot show now.
BTW if you ever make this into a paid add-on I’m willing to buy it. I use it almost every day(When modeling :D).

(Fatesailor) #771

Happy new year Ilya! Happy new year all!

Lacilaci86 your work is great! Very happy to see that ‘Bevel after Boolean’ has began to be used in modeling works of such a quality. It is an astonishingly useful tool and it deserves to be known widely!

(brothermechanic) #772

Happy new year! Ilya
All the best to you in the new year!

(Fatesailor) #773

Wishes for a happy new year all (again)! :smiley:

Let put here the first question-request of the new year: Ilya is it not possible to produce even thinner bevels, with cut radius less than 0.01? And, also, is it not possible to have in the options tab an option for choosing the bevel-pipe’s segments (as is with the already existent option regarding pipe sides)?

(Rodinkov Ilya) #774

@lacilaci86, @Fatesailor, @brothermechanic
Thank you very much

Which version? Maybe I forgot to change the parameter.

What do you mean ?

(Fatesailor) #775

In the 0.2.3 (the latest version) there is no choice for bevel thickness under the 0.01 amount.

As to the second topic, I am putting below an image for explaining what do I mean. The idea is about having an indicator of the quantity of the segments on the produced bevel so that the user can change it. Such an option can give to the user the opportunity to bridge edges in a ‘nice’ way (in cases as the one in the image below).

If we had, say, 200 segments in the bevel of the small circle and have the opportunity to choose to put 200 segments in the bevel of the big circle too, then we would have an ‘nice’ bridging between them. A bridging that would give us the opportunity to edit easily the area between the two edges.

Btw, I do not know how difficult is to program such a thing, I just am sharing an idea. :wink:

(Rodinkov Ilya) #776

I understand your idea.
To do this, I need to write a function like rebuild curve.
I’ll think about it later.

(Fatesailor) #777

It will be great I think Ilya! It will open whole new modeling opportunities! :smiley:

(Fatesailor) #778

A new tutorial exploring things that someone can do by taking advantage of the means that the add-on offers:

(AFWS) #779


Check this out. I found a combination of modifiers that almost creates surface strips. It of course, only works with straight cuts and with a cube ,but it gives interesting results. It’s using dynamic paint to create a vertex group. This is pretty much why it fails with angles and only works with straight cuts.

Blend for 2.79.

surface_strips.blend (486.5 KB)

(Fatesailor) #780

AFWS I did download the file and tried to inspect it but I did not understand many things. As far as I did see, however, the strips are produced on already existing lines, so the whole thing could not help much. Also, the fact that it works only with straight lines and in a cube narrows too much the method’s usefulness.

I am thinking a lot about finding a way to be able to produce such strips as in Mesh Fusion but to this moment I did not find something that can work. The needed thing is to produce strips which are intersecting each other in a clear way, so that it may be possible to make extrusions on all of them together. To express it in another way: the needed thing is to be able to produce cage strips around an object that can be extruded.

(Rodinkov Ilya) #781

BAB so too can.