[WIP]Bevel after Boolean


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Hey, how did you achieve such a thing Ilya? Some explanation? You added something new to the add-on? :hushed:

(AFWS) #783

Yeah, being a vertex group it only places strips on existing lines. This is also why it fails at angles. I’m trying to learn c/c++ and see what I can come up with for a new modifier. I have figured out how to “copy” a existing modifier. Now I’m trying to understand how the coding part of modifers work. I have some ideas to test, if I can figure the coding part.

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I’m getting close to something. It’s not 100% like the video. Would need several operators to do this, one to “prep” the mesh for the surface strips, one to create new surface strips, and one to finally confirm the created surface strips.

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Those are good tries AFWS. Keep experimenting, something nice may come out from it. We have to see Ilya’s way of dealing with the issue of course -as it seems, from the image he sent, he did find a way to proceed towards having the strips feature in BAB too- but we have to wait for a reply from him. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Rodinkov Ilya) #786

This is done in version 0.2.3

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And how did you do it? I have never been able to achieve such a thing with the existing versions! How did you make the lines crossing each other so orderly (offering themselves for unified extrusions)?

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Could you link the .blend with the two assets showed from your pics, please?

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surface_strips_example.zip (3.6 MB)

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Should we make a new thread about surface strips? I don’t want to hijack @Rodinkov_Ilya thread. You asked about it on here ,so that’s why I’ve been posting my progress here. Maybe you should ask a moderator to pull the comments about surface strips into a new thread?

I’ve made some more progress. I might have something for you to test soon. As soon as I think I like it, I find cases where it fails for some reason. I need to find a different method for some parts of it.

@bartv you want to make a new thread for us?

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It is something that I too thought: really, it is better to open a new thread related to your work. There is no need, however, to erase the related dialogues here, we can leave them here and just open a new thread with some explanatory words in its first message.

So, go on and open a new thread in the ‘released scripts and themes’ section of the forum, we can discuss your work there.

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I did not quite understand what was done here is not manual? Very similar to the fact that you cut the mesh with a knife. Added bevel and extruded.
You can add a video or an animation that shows that this is not done by hand?

(AFWS) #794

What do you mean by manual? Right now, I have this in 4 operators(for testing). I think I can get it all into 2. You never have to leave object mode. Select the strip objects, then the object to place the strips, and then select the operator.

(Rodinkov Ilya) #795

by hands, handwork
This is google translator.
I do not know how to formulate the question correctly, so that it translates correctly.
What does your add-on do?

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AFWS as far as I understand Ilya asks if your method is a modelling workaround that you have found for achieving such results (using solely the native tools of Blender) and not something that has to do with programming an add-on (that’s to say with implementing a new algorithm, with producing a new tool).

But anyway, if you are working on an add-on the proper thing is to open a related thread in the add-ons section of the forum and let the related discussion proceed there.

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Я не это имел ввиду. Я спрашивал, что из показного результата сделано не вручную. Просто это выглядит так, как будто большая часть сделана инструментом knife с последующим bevel’ом и экструдированием. Поэтому и попросил видео.

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@moderators can you help with this? See the post that I replied to.

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I am from Greece ilya, so I do not know Russian… I know that the name Dimitri (I have it in my Youtube channel) is very usual in Russians but it is usual in all the Orthodox world too! :smiley: I did go to Google translate and read your message however. :slightly_smiling_face:

AFWS… it will be good to put a video of what exactly you do for achieving the results you achieve, so that we may have an idea of the route you follow.

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Hey Ilya where are you? Hope that you did not abandon Bab! So much time to hear some news!

Below a work done solely with the use of Bab. Textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Cycles (of course):

(Rodinkov Ilya) #804

No, I didn’t refuse

(Fatesailor) #805

Happy to hear this Ilya! :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not know on what you are working all this time but put, please, a small update so that we may test it. At least an update with an old request: the opportunity to produce bevels under 0.01 thickness.

There are cases where even bevels of 0.01 give problematic results. So having the choice to produce even thinner bevels is something needed.