[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

hello,may i ask how could i correct the shading?

Add more edges to the second object. And don’t make it sharp. This is bad for shading.


Thank you.

Привет, я все пытаюсь сделать плоский бевел, на лоупольной геометрии. Вот что получается в последней версии. С маленькой фаской все хорошо, но с большой происходит беда.
Я не прошу это пофиксить, просто сообщаю, что есть такой баг.

Hi, I’m still trying to make a flat bevel on lowpoly geometry. This is what happens in the latest version. With a small bevel, everything is fine, but with a big bevel, trouble occurs.
I do not ask to fix it, I just inform you that there is such a bug.

babtestLP.blend (1015.6 KB)

Is there a version for blender 2.82?

BaB version for 2.82?
For my case, 0_3_0_0 version works with 2.8, 2.81 and 2.82. But I didn’t test it from start to finish.

it loads in 2.82 but the moment I press “bevel” it stops working

uncheck the stop calc


Я могу попробовать записать видео со звуком, но не уверен, что в этом есть необходимость.

I can try to record a video with a speech, but I’m not sure if this is necessary.


Ilya I have experimented with the ‘bands’ option of Bab a little bit and thought that if it were possible to have the bands facing the surface of the object (as it is shown in the images below) it would be easy, somehow, to unite them manually and so produce even intersecting strips.

Somewhere in the past you had mentioned something so… is it not possible to have such a thing? I mean producing the bands in such a way?

Rodinkov_Ilya, I could sure use a video with speech. Thank you.

Below are some images from some experiments on producing strip derived cuts on objects through the use of Bab. The strips to be extruded and cut are achieved by bevelling (using Bab) lines produced with the use of Blender’s native intersect-knife tool. As it is evident the results are quite good. There are some small problems (as the ones shown with the red arrows in the mesh screenshot, where Bab has a difficulty to produce straight bevellings on short lines) but in general the results are very satisfying.

Ilya what are your plans for the future regarding Bab? What do you think that can be added further on it?


I have some ideas how to do without pipes. But I have not tested them yet


Hello, I have some issues with normals on latest BaB

Here’s some screenshots. One with normal transfer and another without. Is it ok to have these results or I do something wrong?

You can see that normals don’t really correspond to actual geometry like if there was a much smaller bevel there. Thanks.

Try change transfer factor.

I tried to make lower normal transfer but it doesn’t really help and some artifacts becomes visible.

I can imagine that @Musashidan might like to check out this add-on as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Metin_Seven I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. A lurker… I was busy testing Smooth Booleans and Hard Mesh plugins for Max, that do a similar thing to this, but honestly, after 15 years modeling in Max I don’t see myself there much longer. I’m hooked on Blender. Had a serious sit down with Boxcutter and Hardops over the last few days and with Decal Machine nearly at V2.0 and the ability to export bakes to UE4…and MeshMachine…and Mask Tools…and a million other great addons coming day after day… Max is really starting to show its age for me since getting into 2.80. The development just feels like it’s a few years too late.

I think MeshMachine will have similar tools to BAB.


This kind of modeling is the most intuitive way of modeling in matters of hard surfaces and it seems that it will has a flourishing in the future. So it is very important to focus on it and encouraging all people who are involved in related programming feats.

Ilya’s work here has been great. Hope that he will continue. There are so many things that can be done regarding the enrichment of such ways of modeling! Look at Modo’s Meshfusion, for example, it has become an astonishingly impressive tool. It achieves things that are very difficult to achieve through other modeling ways.

And now that we have so good auto-retopo remeshing means, such tools as is BAB could become very useful even in the modeling of organic shapes. The possibilities that are opening with such tools are immense!


Later I will think about how to fix it.