[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

The version you did upload now is much better but there are still problems (as in the image below). I am attaching the related Blend file too.

Btw, give a look to the ‘slice’ also… it seems that it is not working.

Bab normals problems.blend (2.1 MB)

Are you modifying normals?
You result:

My result:

This is strange

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Ilya have a look to the ‘symmetrize’ command, also, please. It seems that it is not working.

Btw, when I am trying to symmetrize the objects with the native ‘symmetrize’ command of Blender, after using the addon, the symmetrized half of the object appears with severe normals problems also.

I will check it.

It should be so. Native ‘symmetrize’ not work with custom normals

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