[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

Please, share the settings you used. Just a screenshot.

4.blend (4.9 MB)

Please, share a screen too because from mere Blend file I cannot read your settings. The operation is already confirmed and I cannot bring back the BaB settings windows.

What’s the problem with doing it yourself ?

It’s that I couldn’t get proper bevel, even though I tweaked many settings and tried many combinations.

5.blend (2.3 MB)
This is an example.

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Thank you very, very much!


bab_v_0_3_0_8.py (99.6 KB)
There were so many strange questions to post the video on YouTube

Nice! Now to make it bevel that same edge would be Christmas :slight_smile:

Also did you start working on the updated version for 2.92?

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Ilya thank you very much! This was a really needed feature in BAB (and in Blender, in general)! :smiley:

Now as to the problems I am detecting in recent versions of BAB, they are almost always two: The normals irregularities that are produced in many cases (even if they are of a slight kind) and the waviness of the bevel loops (something that did not happen in 009 v.).

I am putting below an image showing the mentioned problems:

Hi Ilya !
Here is a modest example of a very first use of Bab, comparing its use with the need to manually design a suitable topology to successfully bevel the junction of two cylinders.
It is an incomparable progress to use Bab to deal with the difficulties of intersecting hard surfaces, a huge thank you Ilya !

Try spinning the Smooth patch


So much !
The same object, shaded with a ruthless Matcap to see if there are possibly any artifacts … none ! Wonderful !


I scaled down my mesh to the size of yours and used the same settings, but my mesh is still broken.
I’m using version for Blender 2.90.1.

BaB problem.blend (4.6 MB)

I just realized it works on any edge in edit mode. THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you for those features @Rodinkov_Ilya.
I have a question tho, why refine tab isnt working anymore?

Turn off Density

Didn’t know it works like that, thank you.

Smooth loops test:

bab_v_0_3_0_9.py (105.0 KB)

Very nice Ilya :slight_smile: One question what is test button supposed to do?

Does this: (I missed one line in the code. So it doesn’t work)

bab_v_0_3_0_9.py (105.1 KB)