Hi guys!
I want to create a low poly fantasy scene that is, how to put it correctly, monumental?
In the middle is an enormous tree that is surrounded by mountains, under that tree will be a big town, its a night time and on the mountain that is in the foreground I want to add a small village to add a sense of size I guess? So that’s my goal.
I ask you for ANY sort of advice, is it even a good idea to make a monumental scene with low poly, and if so is there some specific thing that I should focus/look for to achieve the goal? I’m beginning self-thought 3D artist and will be grateful for any advice

Nah, just do it, the more models and scenes you create the better you get at estimating what goes into it and how achievable your ideas are within a certain time frame. Got to start somewhere, might as well be this, why not?

Good luck.

Well in designing a world you have to think of the mountains that are the same size as the tree. So the tree is the main focus so you cannot go to low poly on it…
Then the small towns and people (if you can see them), carts or cars etc those have no problem to be low-poly if they are really small.
Also why that tree is so huge? In answering to that question you will know how to make the tree, then the small people and their small houses etc. Are the roots climbing on the mountains? If so why? If not, then how come? Is it Tolkien like mood? Then maybe some folk live in the mountains, in the tree, on balloons maybe also etc :slight_smile:

Seek on scketchfab for more inspiration -> not my stuff (I don’t even have anything there)


So yeah the main tree and the mountain should be interesting because they get 50% of the attention.

Wow…ehm, thank you! Yeah, looks like I should first learn how to ask correct questions. Now when I think about it, I was trying to answer some questions and I did, problem is that those questions was wrong (or not apropriate). Thank you again!

I’v changed idea abit

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today’s progress. I’m afraid of adding more details :smiley:

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yesterdays progress, had no time to upload so uploading today. Will be working on details and adding more lamps today.

finished night time, added fog and some shady person

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