[WIP] Blend2KT : Win32/Linux/MacOSX i386 executables


This is a fork of the original Blender 2.48a . Its aim is to export XML files to use Kerkythea as an external renderer .

spot light fall off updated :

Thanks JMS
downloading :cool:

Greetings Patrick

Me too. Gonna play with it after work. :slight_smile:

2 jms:
So it’s like Blend2Pov, but for Kerkythea? I mean standalone .exe ?
What about Blender materials and nodes? Will it be translated directly to KT or would I have to fix it by hands?

Exactly .

What about Blender materials and nodes? Will it be translated directly to KT or would I have to fix it by hands?
Currently no advanced material, just basic colors, specularity, transparency, ior, reflection, correct uvmapping (but not as texture), smooth and autosmooth effects .
I don’t know if kerkythea can use orco image projections as cube, sphere, tupe or plane .

Kerkythea can use image projection like cube , sphere, tube and UV i don’t know about plane , will have to ask giannis ( but i think if KT don’t have planer jet , giannis will ad it if needed ).
You can access this functions in the Bitmap panel in the Material editor , it also supports tilling/size in x and y direction , rotating and moving in x and y direction .

Greetings Patrick

So how will workflow will look like for Blender + KT ?
Blender: Modeling, UV maping, lights and camera -> KT: in KT material editor assign textures to UV mapped surfaces, tune parameters (IOR, glossiness, anisotropy, etc.) -> render ? Something like that?

Does KT support normal and displacement maps and does it have photometric lights (like lightbulb 100W)?

Obvious! Sorry, I’m completely blind!

KT support normal maps right now and displacement maps is being talked about if and when it will be implemented .Yesterday giannis send me a message that he is implementing subdivision surface inside KT , so we will be able to apply subdivision to our models in KT :cool: . I think that is the first step if giannis is willing to ad displacement map . But there are other possible features too that we have to discuss like Relief maps ,they are similar to normal maps but provide the illusion of displacement maps without subdividing the mesh …
But if you want to use displacement map in Blender , Blender2KT exports the mesh with the displacement applied ( of cause the exported mesh is very heavy ) the same for particles and strands
I think that photometric lights already work but i don’t know so much about ( you will have to ask Gregor at the KT forum)

Greetings Patrick

Thanks Patrick and jms!

out of interest, what do you see as the path of kerkythea in blender intergration?
Is the aim to eventualy include it into Blender?

Will this be opensource?

and have you discussed with anyone, the proposed render API that may be in the next release?

btw- displacement modifier from SOC

Rendered from the opengl view
Displacement as a modifier irs realy nice,

Interesting, since i worked on the same tool for the Povray exporter I have already some ideas to manage this .

Is there a paper about the design of this new API ? Who has asked to the developpers if they have some specific needs ?

Or, is there a page on the wiki where developpers can write their specific needs ?

  • Compilation made with the today (2006/08/14) CVS .
  • Short update : cleaner lamp panel in lights graphic user interface .
  • Documentation page upgraded too .[LIST]
  • There is in Blender a method to avoid to export artifact without recalculate all the normal vectors .
  • detailed screenshoot of the lamp GUI . [/LIST]

Update for arealight management

  • The arealight can be blended with a omnilight directly from Blender (a bit strange even for me, but it is possible) . New options can manage this .
  • For user of the 1.3.5 beta, a panel to play with the Production AA method has been added too …

great ! …any Linux Build or source to compile ? ( AMD64 ) :frowning:

Can i make a linux compliation with the cygwin tools + scons ?