WIP Blender guru Christmas contest

Hi guys,

I would like to have some critics on my project for the Christmas contest of BlenderGuru and I would like some ways to make it better. It is not completely finish but I need advices to continue so please post and help me :slight_smile: And also if someone could give me some advices on how to manage my attachments on Blender Artist it would be appreciate.


blender guru christmas contest.blend (1.98 MB)

everything you made looks really nice and clean but the entire scene looks empty and off, try adding a bit more of a background and read something about composition and lights. Also try adding a bit of a creativity to it, something like a reindeer gnawing on the candy cane to reveal that the objects are giant or something.

in fact I forgot to introduce my concept :slight_smile: I want to add a little thing on the present to show that it has fallen from santa sleigh and that it was for Tiny Tim from a Christmas Carol. And thanks for the advices

looks nice, the present looks like its made out of clay making it a bit more square might help (decimate modifier might do the trick), the ribbon looks ok but you may want to model a loop/knot where the strings meet or not have ribbon at all. The scene does look a bit bland though, have a look at maybe putting in some trees in the background or an overcast sky could be nice.

the scene also looks very bright, you can’t really tell whether the background is seperate from the foreground. maybe try adding seperate spot lamps (you could even put lights on the north pole sign). maybe a dark blue hemi with low energy and some very light orange/yellow lights on the sign?

also for compositing add depth of field and make the present in focus as it is important. don’t go too overboard with the blur though allow the viewer to still see the north pole sign.

if you wanted to you could look into sculpting the snow to give a sense of scale.

good luck!

yes, the ribbon is a great idea, I spent a while trying to figure that out with my own entry but it’s actually very simple

step one: make this thing, make sure it twists,

step 2: subdivide

step 3: make a few in this pattern

ran out of images

step 4:
change the angling a little bit

step 5: duplicate and rotate

step 6:
repeat everything at a higher angle

ran out of images

step 7: add a few to the top

there you go!

I can’t see the two last pictures, but I think I got enough to understand the process :slight_smile:

So that’s my new result. More feedback would be appreciate and I know I have a lot of things to do to make the scene better. Im currently working on the depth of field and I know something is wrong so please help me :slight_smile:

It looks okay… my recommendations would be, just like some above, add a ribbon on the present, in addition to maybe adding a texture to the present’s wrapping? Something simple and not too detailed. Another thing would be that the label “North Pole” is too blurry and attracts unwanted attention, otherwise, the candy cane looks great. You could possibly pull the scene into cycles and put in the old “3-point lighting system” to really light the scene well. A skybox too, maybe? I think this has good potential, and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

anybody knows a way to transfer my materials into cycles quickly because otherwise it gives a nasty looking yellowish scene

I would recommend using a darker background and also add a particle system for snow, with a little motion blur for good effect. Also I would highly recommend you transfer to cycles.