WIP Blogre Head Model

Hello ppl :smiley:
This is Blogre, originally supposed to be an ogre, but it’s kind of self-evolved thru the stages I’ve been modelling it!
For those of you wondering about the name, it was supposed to be an ogre, and since Blengine’s video tute helped me out heaps, I named it Blogre! (don’t ask, it was 2AM and I was hyped on caffeine :stuck_out_tongue: )
I’m aiming for a bony, gnarled and thin kind of look, and I’m working on random bits and pieces.
Anyway, here it is! (thanx to www.reblended.com for the webspace)
Looks a little funny but the basic modelling is there :smiley:

Good start, I like what I see so far.

Okay, worked for a little while longer, the eyelids are starting to take shape and the wrinkle along the side of the mouth too. <Bigger version

Finished the eyes apart from a few tweaks (right now I’m roughing out the mesh, details will come later) and finished the chin, C&C anyone?

no real crits yet. hard to say what style you are aiming at…

but…there is strange bump between eye and nose. and nostrils are perhaps a little wrong place… or actually, for the nose that size, they should be bigger, I guess.but these are small things… I wait for the whole head to be finished. :slight_smile:

looking great.


Thanx basse and paradox :smiley: Also, basse, took a few of your suggestions and used them, hopefully they’re better, but about the line between the eye and nose, if you feel there (push hard) there is a bone, and this guy’s just excessively thin, but overall I just want to shove little dents everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for so many updates, I’m just working at this non-stop… Since last night it’s came to this and I’m very pleased with it!

Okay, now this guy has been dumbed down, he’s been given a “old and sad” kind of attitude, which is because my dad came along and said “An ogre with baggy eyes like that son, he’s gotta be old, make him tired, sad, kind of depressed” “Yes dad…”

And so from there I complied :smiley:
Overall it was actually good to have his advice, he did drawing when he was younger so had quite a bit of input, but I had the mouse :wink:

Okay, once again hello :smiley: lol

I’ve finished around the side of the head, so now I’ve officially finished the front of the head, now only the back and neck to go for a complete head!

very nice! i think the skin around the eyes needs to be more saggy, it looks a little tight, it should have some folds in it. i think he looked sadder with his eyes more open, and perhaps lower the corners of the mouth a little. this is awesome :Z

Thanx GFX Idiot :smiley: I’ll change the eye’s skin and the mouth for next render.

Just want to point out, the reason I closed the eyes is that if they were like that the eyes would be almost liable to fall out :smiley: So I’m going to leave the eyes in their general position.

hmmm, not sure im keen on those sides of the head, but then, i havent really got a clue what youre going for. looking forward to next render…

He’s now got a little backdrop and a smile on his face, well, a smallish smile… Just watched Shrek for some ideas, so :smiley:
The bigger image is here (only 70 Kb, no biggy)

I think it’s turning out pretty well, I’d like to hear ur opinion tho :smiley:

wow smers, very nice looking, alot of character to his face, great job… a few areas look a little too ridgey(like high poly stretch makrs if that explains it =\ )

Thanx Blengine, don’t really understand high ridge lines tho :-?

Anyway, with a bit more of a smile, here’s possibly the final Blogre, my momentum is kind of slowing now… :frowning:

Anyway, he was great fun to make!

Very nice :slight_smile:



now thats some head, smerity! :o


That’s one friendly looking orc. Horns looks little bit ridicilous.

Very nice work. Much better than I can do. :expressionless: I’m a mechanical type of modeller and not so much in the organics thing.

Great work all around. I agree about the horns though. Just don’t look right at all on this head.


For BgDM and Hippie I made a quick render of a hornless model, just closing the sockets and pulling the out for a bit of a Shrek effect. :slight_smile:
I tried putting on an ear to Blogre, but it just doesn’t look quite right :-?

Anyway, hornless blogre :smiley:

I liked the look of the first picture without any eyes… I’m not saying the face is bad, infact I think it’s great, but can you try a more sinister mask… maybe face paint… of a dark being … you can’t see his eyes… like a spiderman outfit?

it could be such a different character :Z

yeah, sink the eyes, give him a more shadowy face…