WIP - Bubblegum Crisis Fight Remake

I’m not sure if this thread belongs in the animation category since it is a WIP. This is a hobby project.

Anyway, I am in the early stages of blocking out a 5 minute scene with a combination of motion capture and keyframe animation. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to capture my own mocap, so I am having fun seeing how much I can edit and integrate the data into my workflow. For example, since I am using a single Kinect sensor for mocap, sometimes the arm tracking gets off for about 10-20 frames. However, I can just delete those bad keyframes on the arm bones in Blender without resulting in much of a noticeable gap of movement. (since this usually happens when the torso twists a lot).

Anyway, I will have all the camera blocking done by next week, with placeholder mocap. Then I will spend the next few months modeling and keyframing animation that cannot be mocapped.

Here is the first 60 seconds of rough blocking:

Here is the original anime fight scene from the Bubblegum Crisis episode 6 that I am remaking:

I would love to see you recreate this fight!

I was inspired by AnyMation’s thread about Face mocap, so last night, I recorded all the face mocap for the bad guy (Largo) in the animation, and it only took me about 20 minutes to do the video Tracking in Blender.

I hope to have this lip sync integrated animation posted sometime this weekend!
(I just have to convert the tracked movement to F-curves and tweak the timing of the keyframes to match the Japanese audio track)
Here is my current face rig bone setup:

Face_Master (This bone is important to correct the small offset head rotation from the video capture)

  • Brow_R
    • EyeBrow_R1
    • EyeBrow_R2
    • EyeBrow_R3
  • Brow_L
    • EyeBrow_L1
    • EyeBrow_L2
    • EyeBrow_L3
  • Cheek_R
    • Cheek_R1
    • Cheek_R2
  • Cheek_L
    • Cheek_L1
    • Cheek_L2
  • Mouth
    • LipT
    • LipT_R
    • LipT_L
    • LipS_R
    • LipS_L
    • LipB
    • LipB_R
    • LipB_L

Also, I am just pasting the keyframes from the Tracker Empties directly into face bones, so I can use the dopesheet to easily edit the keys of ALL the face bones together with drag selections.