WIP building update

(garbager) #1

Here’s my update for the street I’m modeling.
No textures yet, and lighting not finished.
The second building isn’t finished too, so I’m damn late compared to my schedule !
Hope I’ll have more time to work on this during the week.
And as I’m still dumb and don’t know how to post a picturedirectly on the forum, and that I don’t have any site yet, here’s link to a newsgroup where you can find it…
Also, if someone had a trick about increase the shadowmap beyond 2048 (a plugin maybe?), I would be glad to hear about it. For the moment, each building has his own lights layered, but it’s not as confortable as it seems, especially when it comes to border areas that has very differents lighting values.

(garbager) #2

I found it ! I’m not that dumb anymore. Well just a bit less than when I woke up :stuck_out_tongue:


(ec2) #3

I really enjoy seeing your work.

What is the window modeling method you use? How do you place the windows in the columns and rows? Are you using Dupliverts along a path?

Sorry for the questions, I’m just not to the point where I can look at a complex render and determine how the work was done.

Very good job, I can only imagine what it might be like when the texturing is applied.

(Jolly Gnome) #4

Those don’t seem to need much texturing…
Just amazing work.

(garbager) #5

Here’s the fact, ec2.
I used dupliverts, but convert them wit mesh, cause I love the montrol you can ave on meshes, it slows down the viewport ALOT, but I’m from the old school I lke to be able to "touch and maipulate any element one by one :slight_smile:
I know I’m crazy…:slight_smile:

(Cativo) #6

Garbager, I don’t think you’re crazy just talented! I like the lighting, it gives it the right atmosphere. Keep it up!