[WIP] Built for Pain

Took about an hour last night over a cup of coffee and began some free-form sketching. I came up with this. It’s not done (at all), but I figured it’d be fun to show this as it progresses. I’ll post more as I continue working on it in my spare time. Feel free to post your thoughts.

Click for larger:
http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain.png http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain2.png http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain3.png http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain4.png http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain5.png http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain6.png http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain7.png

After another 30 minutes of noodling on this, I have an update in the first post of this topic.


Very cool start. I don’t know what your aiming for, but the lack of complexity at the joints make me think puppet.

BTW, you have just invented perpetual motion. Hahaha.

I REALLY like that one, if I ever get any good at drawing, a style like that’s gonna be the goal.

Thanks for the comments, guys! I really appreciate it.

I sat down last night for a few minutes and worked on a couple details. I’ve added the results of that to the first post.

very nice job,
i like your drawing.

now just add a nice scene.

I may add a scene… but I’m not done with the drawing yet. I’ve gotten to the next phase in this one. I got everything drawn just about the way I wanted to… then I lightly erased all of it, leaving only a hint of what was there before. Now I’m re-drawing it. I’ve described and suggested this process to other people before, but I don’t think anyone ever believed me when I said it would help. This will hopefully help convince folks. I like this process because it accentuates the contrast in the drawing and re-drawing allows for fixing earlier mistakes.

Like always, the update is in the first post.


i am liking this latest update, the perspective in the scnee is really nice.

i am convinced of everything but the head for some strange reason.


Roger Dean described something similar in his Views or Magnetic Storm Books. He would start drawing on the bottom sheet of a block of very thin paper, after a bit of sketching he would bring down a fresh sheet and redraw. Almost like an animator would do.

Your drawing is coming along nicely. The character definitely belongs in a larger scene of robot torture and decay. Similar to the Jawa’s mobile workshop of Episode IV or Jaba’s droid repurposing chamber in Episode VI.

@Alltaken: Thanks! I think the reason some folks may have issues with the head is because it’s the least inorganic (most organic?) part of the drawing… and that’s not usually something that would be expected for a robot. Of course, it could just be the teeth.

@Bussman: I’ll have to read up on Roger Dean. Thanks for the info. And yeah, I’m playing with thoughts of scenes in my head.

I had a couple of ideas. One was very similar to the one Bussman described. Another was to super-impose visual imagery in the background (implying that those are the images that are being fed into his head). The one I think I’ve landed on, though, is a monitoring room, not unlike a doctor’s office, but with more tools of robot torture (er… testing :)) in the periphery.

At any rate, I think I’ve got the character mostly nailed down (no pun intended). I’ve posted an update in the parent. The scene is the next thing.

Roger Dean is an industrial designer best known for doing the album covers of the 70’s British progrock group Yes.

Yeah, these are much better than what I suggested. Maybe the images being fed into his head could be implied by showing them on monitors of the Mad scientist’s lab? I can’t wait to see more, it’s a really cool concept.

Started filling in the background a bit. The lab is taking some time to block out in my head, but I think I’ve finally landed on something that I like. As usual, I’ve posted an update in the parent post. It’s pretty cool to see the progression of this one.

Oh… and I got a bit bored yesterday and made a couple quick desktop backgrounds with this drawing. Nothing too special, but I mostly satisfied with them. Check ‘em out; one in blue n’ one n brown:

Click for larger:
http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain_bg.png http://www.misaligned.net/random/wip/thumb_pain_bg_brown.png

this is just soooo coool.
i love it.
i am using it as bg :smiley:

Currently I see nothing wrong, I am just amazed at the level your working at.

But if you really wanted a negitaitve comment, not sure why I feel maybe the bench could follow the same like as the work table instead of going at a slightly different angle.
so maybe like:

. .
. .
. .
. .
Instead of:
. .
. .
. .
. .

@the_one: Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Out of curiousity, are you using the blue or the brown?

@Sutabi: I’d actually considered doing the table like that (to be honest, I’m still considering it). The original reason for the more straight-on angle was composition. When I was originally sketching the table, it was before I’d drawn the monitoring station on the right. Without that station there, the angled table creates a diagonal line with the cabling that leads the eye right off of the page. The horizontal table is more neutral and breaks that diagonal. However, with the monitoring station there now and some of details I’ve sketched in on the top right, it may make more sense to do an angled work table… drawing the focus more to the robot’s head.

I’ll play with it a bit tonight and hopefully I’ll have some decent results to show for it. Thanks for the feedback!

The other thing I’m debating is also related to the background. I could keep it somewhat faded to add to a sense of depth to the image. However, in doing that , I sacrifice detail. I may just draw it detailed and lightly erase away enough to give it depth, but I haven’t completely decided one way or another yet.

I ma using the brown because I didn’t really like the bright blue reflection in the back of the robot.
I thaugh it looked cooler and more dramatic in brown

Alright. I think I’m done with this one. And when I say “done”, I mean, “if I noodle any more with this drawing, I’m going to lose all contrast and it’ll be one big grey mess.” There are still some things I’d like to change/add/fix on it (something displaying on the background monitors, a better look at the firing mechanism that shoots the dart through the robot, maybe something for the back wall, improved linework on the background, a little bit more subtle shading in parts… and the list goes on), but I think I need to put this one to rest before I ruin it. Maybe in the future, I’ll add color to it. In the meantime, here’s the finished drawing (you can go to the parent post of this thread to see the full progression from start to finish):


Cool, I like the little NPN transistor button he’s got on his neck… hehe.
Only crit from me is that you didn’t sign it!

Haha! I was wondering if anyone would catch that! Thanks for not letting me down. :slight_smile:

Signing? Man, it’s been ages since I’ve signed any of my work. I’ll think about it.

Kickin’ ass, my friend. I really like the color versions as well…