WIP: Canine

I’m working on a rough model for what was based on a Wolf, but with larger eyes to convey a little more emotion once the model is complete.
Would like some suggestion as to where I should go from here, the ears gave me a bit of trouble as I can’t clean loops through them but with a Subsurf they seem to clean up a bit.

Please keep in mind this is my first model so don’t be too harsh =P

I have remade the ears, cleaning up the loops and given them depth. Also corrected the eyes.

Added the rest of the head, shoulders and front legs.
Tweaks to loops to tidy them up and ears slightly tweaked to remove rough quads.

You want harsh. Otherwise people won’t comment what they really think.

It’s a good start, the ears need major work, and now the chest too.

Though low-poly, I think this may help you with your proportions: