WIP Canon EOS C700 Videocamera

Regards. This is the project I am working on at the moment. It is a Canon EOS C700 camcorder. I’m trying to model it as faithfully as possible, I hope you like how it looks. Here are some screenshots of the viewport in Blender 2.81.

I am also working on textures, so soon I will put some renders


Hi, @orlancr
Your model looks really nice, I looking forward for renders…

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This looks so detailed and smooth! Looking forward to the final render!

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This looks awesome. Working on a camera now myself. How are you going about with the smaller details? Is any of that normal mapping? Can we see a wire frame please?

You’ve got some really nice shapes and edges going on…I’d love to watch you work. Any vids?

Great detail!

I think he is mostly using boolean and subsurf modeling.

Hi. Subdivision if, boolean no. it’s pure hard surface modelling without addons.

Hmm…But doesn’t boolean operations fall under hard surface? Just asking to clear the thing :slight_smile:

Also, have you tried boolean on sub surf?

I refer to hard surface technique modeling poly to poly without Boolean. Go building the mesh step by step. I think that for some the technique of Boolean gives them a good result, in my opinion, it is a way to really avoid learning to model.

Did you use the shrink-wrap method? Also, is the model high-poly?

Hi no. I used retopology on a base with the main form and yes, the model is in high polygon.

You don’t do this man. You have to show the wires!

The model is ready in the Finished Projects. Thanks!

The final render is ready in Finished Projects. Regards!