WIP Cartoon Woman Facial Poses

Working on my newly upgraded computer, and liking what I’ve been doing so far. Thought I’d show some of what I have.

This is Carrie, a soon to be cartoon called Red Roses. Just getting started. Don’t have any sort of ETA as of yet.
Tell me what you guys think.

Good work.

To me the eyes for disgust fit more with the angry mood though.

Ya, your right. With angry though, was going more for a raging anger. lol

And thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

With anger narrow the eyes even more than the disgust. then on disgust have the eyes look a little downward. Thet way there will be a difference between the 2.

In surprise, eyes widen, jaw drops, face muscles are relaxed. Mouth should be round, not pulled up into a smile shape.

In disgust, upper lip moves toward nose, nose bridge wrinkles. Your ‘disgust’ mouth is more of a frown, with lip corners moving down.