[WIP] Chamber Concert. Requesting feedback 🙂

My current character WIP. Based on concept by Camilla

This is the test render from Blender Cycles. I feel like it lacks something, but I’m kinda stucked as to what should I fix. :thinking:I don’t know if it’s the hair that need to be reworked, the texturing, lighting, or the over-denoised causing blurred pixels… (the hair-end.)

If you guys have any feedback on this, feel free to point it out! :raised_hands:


You did a really good job with the character design and expression, the lighting is really good too!

I think some things can be changed to improve the render:

  • The clothes feel a bit like plastic, they need to have more pronounced folds in areas like the chest and arms for example. You can also mess with the material and increase the roughness or add some sheen to make it more like cloth.

  • I think the microphone contrasts too much with the character, try making the color a little more orange to harmonize it.

  • The hair looks great but it is indeed blurry on the back. I’m not familiar with rendering hair but maybe it just need more samples? You can also try mixing a non denoised hair in the compositor to restore some of the details.

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Thank you for the feedback. For the cloth, it’s actually intentional, since I noticed that many characters in animated films (pixar, disney, etc.) actually has really little folds or almost non-existent.

A few references to illustrate my point :point_down:

The character I’m creating does have folds though, it’s just not captured on the camera cause the folds are on the bottom part of the dress. (Used cloth-sim to simulate the folds.) But I agree on your point that it feels a bit like plastic. Might be the shading, I’ll try to change it to a more sparkly dress.

Now that I look at it again, the mic feels a little bit woody rather than gold-metallic. Point taken to make it more orange-ish.

I think I’m gonna re-tweak the hair again. The strand profile lacks that afro-feeling for me.:joy: Also, this render is at 800 samples and it still gives this over-denoised result. Never heard of mixing non denoised hair method before. Gonna find a tutorial for that.

Thank you for your feedback, Lillya!

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You really did an awesome job man :heart_eyes_cat:

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I can’t think of any critiques. Everything just works together so well in that shot. I actually like the clothes; they seem to add to the cartoony look.

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thank you. It’s still a work in progress though. Need some more tweaking :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks man! But, I’ll try to tweak the cloth’s material a bit to enhance the overall appeal.